What are the standards for the quality acceptance of museum showcases?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Museum showcases require quality acceptance when receiving goods, so do you understand what the standard for the quality acceptance of museum showcases is? Let me introduce you in detail: 1. Showcase structure: 1. Structural structure: showing the whole cabinet is metal structure, and rust -proof treatment.

The main structure base is steel structure. Steel data uses a 3mm thick square steel pipe and a cold -rolled steel plate of 1.5mm or above.

It is planned to have horizontal adjustment equipment. The base load can only be ≥150kg/m2. Beijing Wenbo Tianyuan Independence shows that all the cabinets can move and fixed.

The materials used should provide the material list, quality inspection report. 2. Open system: Based on different cabinet types, different scientific and reasonable glass doors open methods.

The cabinet can open 100%of the glass door, and all open methods are simple and sensitive to operate. The open-outer pulling of the wall cabinet, the open-flat rotation of the independent cabinet, the outer pull-ups, the open cabinet open-top lift, the upper type. 3.

Glass function: Due to price reasons, it is advocated that the non -low reflected glass ultra -white glass is advocated that the glass light transmission rate is more than 90%. The 45 -degree angle bonding, the glass bonding agent should be used in the country's most advanced shadow -free bonding agent to ensure its beautiful and bonding fastness. 4.

Conversion: Showing the cabinet itself is the all -in -type structure, and the special sealing profile and silicone seal are selected to show the number of spaces and air communication times ≤0.2 times/day. 5.

Lighting equipment function: The lighting equipment of the display cabinet has the protection function of exhibits, can block ultraviolet rays and lighting heat, and can be repaired without opening the existing cabinet door. The demand for pan -light lighting is the lighting fluorescent light lighting, the requirements can be adjusted at 50-400lx, and the color temperature scale is 3000 to 4000K; the optical fiber lighting demand is a high -quality fiber lighting system. , Block lighting heat, no ultraviolet rays produce.

Be able to make a scientific and reasonable lighting plan based on the characteristics of different cultural relics, the glory of the outstanding cultural relics in the cabinet, and the existence of other parts and light sources of light, the lamp device can to the greatest extent to reach the reach to reach The best role of cultural relics exhibition; optical fiber head has a gathering function, and the demand gathering can reach less than 10mm. Demand, the light flow and color temperature of each light head can also be adjusted to reach the outstanding role of the cultural relic lighting level. The type of lamp head has a variety of choices.

It can be satisfied with the lighting needs of different types of cultural relics. In addition to the traditional circular shape, it is also necessary to transfer the corresponding lighting shape according to the shape of different cultural relics. The fiber head should be convenient to adjust the orientation, the positioning of the fiber head should be convenient and sensitive, and the operator does not need to train special training to operate;.

6. Safety function: The lock body and key data used by Beijing Wenbo Tianyuan Cultural Relics Show Cabinet is super -hard -hard -resistant and rust -proof data. The key exchange rate should be more than 150,000 times, and the number of the key can be handled according to the requirements of the requirements.

7. Humidity function: The showcase must be equipped with an electronic constant humidity system, which can be adjusted between the scale of the cultural relics on the scale of 35%to 70%. The control accuracy is positive and negative 1.

5%. The humidity scale can be set according to the need to set itself, the constant humidity system will actively adjust the humidity in the showcase according to the set number to meet the needs. The equipment itself should have the function of air filtration, purify the air quality in the showcase.

8. Environmental function: The information used in the display cabinet is environmentally friendly data, the board must be E0 -level plate, and the appearance of its appearance is sealing fire prevention and prevention of harmful gas treatment. Or the laboratory inspection, suitable for the use of products in the museum.

Use a fixed method with glueless adhesion to fix it on the board. The formaldehyde content in the space is ≤0.05mg/m3, the benzene content ≤0.

05mg/m3, and the tvoc content ≤0.5mg/m3. 9.

Protection processing function: Show the cabinet for planning, production, and assembly according to standardized skills. Except for constant humidity and lamp repair, no other repair is required, and constant humidity and lamp devices have space. Opening the cabinet door will not affect the displayed space environment and facilitate protection.

10. Explicit treatment: The appearance of the display cabinet is sprayed with fluorocarbon, the appearance of the appearance must be strong, and the appearance of the appearance should not be displayed in the long -term use.


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