What are the seven characteristics of museum showcases?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

I believe everyone is no stranger to the museum showcase, so do you understand the seven characteristics of the museum display cabinet? The following is a detailed introduction to everyone: museum showcases are different from ordinary showcases. The usual showcases can be replicated and mainly promoted because the products can be replicated and mainly publicized. The use of the occasion, you don't need to care about so many things, and the museum showcase is different from the ordinary showcase.

It is valuable. It is not an ordinary showcase that can be metaphorized. The conditions are almost harsh, and the traditional products are capable, so the museum showcase is higher than the ordinary showcase.

Let's take a look at the characteristics of the museum showcase characteristics. There are 7 medium specialties: coordination, durability, environmental protection, safety, operating, lighting control performance, environmental control performance, the performance of its performance is as follows. 1.

The appearance and materials of the showcase, and the light configuration of the showcase, these must be considered in the design process. From the style and characteristics of the exhibits, the exhibition cabinet is integrated into the exhibition environment, try to ****** as much as possible to focus on highlighting exhibits. 2.

In addition to the better display of exhibits to the public, the museum showcase also needs to be used for a long time in the indoor environment of the showcase. 3. The environmental protection of the showcase uses inertial materials as much as possible to ensure that the exhibits will not be destroyed in the showcase due to chemical reactions.

Unspaned non -inert materials, such as adhesion, plates, fabrics, etc., must pass the ODDY test method inspection. The exhibition cabinet sealing is not greater than 0.

2D-1 (detection method detection method). 4. Use the steel frame structure to ensure the reliability of the overall structure.

The glass adopts the mezzanine glass that meets the anti -theft standard. The lock adopts the high security performance lock of the designated brand of the world's mainstream museum. At the same time, cooperate with the security alarm system.

5. Each showcase can be operated independently by one person. The daily maintenance channel of the showcase is separated from the entrance and exit of the display area.

6. No matter what kind of lighting method is adopted, the requirements of the "Museum Lighting Design Specification" must be met. Create an atmosphere, highlight exhibits, and take into account the lighting of auxiliary items.

Concealed light spots, regulatory illumination and angle, filter infrared light, ultraviolet light, and heat to prevent damage to exhibits. 7. Active control and passive control of humidity can be achieved according to the requirements.

For some specific exhibition cabinets of a specific size, functions such as constant temperature and humidity control, small anaerobic environment, air filtration, and environmental data monitoring based on Ethernet networks can be achieved. The above is the explanation of the characteristics of the museum showcase. Our company sells and produces museum showcases all year round.

It has the characteristics of appeal and has an advantageous price.


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