What are the requirements during the exhibition of museum showcases?

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Many people have seen museum showcases, so do you know what requirements are during the exhibition of museum display cabinets? The following is a detailed introduction for everyone: 1. The display cabinet must be made of environmental protection materials. The materials used in display cabinets are inert and environmentally friendly materials to ensure that the display cabinet materials itself and the cultural relics in the cabinet will not have any chemical reactions, and will not damage the cultural relics.

All materials displayed by the museum are completely compatible with the environment. Technical indicator. 1.

All metal structures are sprayed by electrostatic spraying; 2. The wooden boards used are medium -density fiber boards, excluding formaldehyde tested by Europe and the United States. 3.

Insuvenal non -inert materials, such as veneer fabrics, sealing, etc., you need to check the qualified imported materials through the ODDDY test method. 2.

The display cabinet has excellent sealing performance. Sealing is an important parameter in the museum showcase. In many cases, the quality directly determines the implementation of the entire museum showcase system.

The optimal air tightness of the museum showcase should have a certain degree of breathability, so that the museum administrator can use technical means to change the internal environment of the display cabinet, and ensure that the internal environment of the museum showcase is maintained in a state where the cultural atmosphere can protect the cultural atmosphere. You can see cultural relics at any time. The display cabinet usually uses special sealing profiles, imported sealing silicon tapes and sealing agents, and high -precision display cabinets to ensure that the display cabinet has excellent sealing performance.

Museum display cabinets with good sealing performance can effectively control the temperature and humidity of the display cabinet, prevent dust from entering, prevent harmful substances, and ensure the purity of the air. Especially for cultural relics such as calligraphy and painting, silk, etc., the sealing of the display cabinet is very important.

3. The structure of the display cabinet must be safe. 1.

The museum's showcase has a certain physical stability, which is the most basic function and premise. The design of museum showcases can generally ensure the safety of exhibition products. The bottom plate and bottom plate of the cultural relic display cabinet has the basic function of suspension or support exhibits.

They can move and replace, but they will not have any effect on the stability of the display cabinet structure. The display cabinet adopts special design and has a shock -proof function, which fully guarantees the overall stability of the display cabinet structure. 2.

The glass uses the highest safety glass. Due to the toughness and strong adhesion of the adhesive membrane in the middle layer, it is not easy to penetrate after being damaged, and the fragments will not fall off. With shockproof, anti -theft, bulletproof, explosion -proof and other performance.

3. Lock. Museum showcases will use high security locking systems.

The system has high wear resistance, dirt resistance, humidity resistance, corrosion resistance and frost resistance. They can also be equipped with sound control alarm, touch alarm and wireless surveillance system. Monitor the cultural relics in the cabinet in a timely manner.

4. The display cabinet has a display function. The cultural relics in the museum are basically in the glass display cabinet.

However, not all museum display glass can have a good display effect. The color of some glass will deform, and some glass will be severely reflected. The main reason is glass.

The light transmission rate is not high enough, but the reflectance is not low enough. The glass with poor performance is easy to be affected by the light or environmental light outside the exhibition hall, forming reflection, and affecting the visit experience. Therefore, with the development of the times, the display performance of glass has become an important indicator of the museum exhibition project! Museum showcase glass generally uses anti -reflected glass, the reflectance rate is less than 1%, which greatly reduces the reflection of the glass surface.

The light transmission rate can reach 98 %above. 5. The display cabinet has a specific environmental control system.

A certain temperature and humidity in the display cabinet are necessary and basic protection measures for cultural relics. For painting and calligraphy, textiles, bamboo, wood, lacquerware, bones, oil painting, murals, natural leather and other cultural relics, if the temperature and humidity in the display cabinet are unstable, it will lead to the deformation of these cultural relics of wrinkles, rupture , Crack and other consequences. The air tightness of the display cabinet is high.

We can control the micro -climate environment inside the display cabinet, better maintain the air purity in the display cabinet, and create a specific display cabinet environment for the protection of cultural relics. Active climate control system-electronic constant humidity machine can control the relative humidity in the cabinet between 35%and 70%, and the control accuracy can reach ± ​​5%. Passive micro-climate control system-silicone dehumidification box, when the humidity in the display cabinet is too high, it will absorb excess water, and the absorbed water will be released when the humidity is too low, thereby increasing the humidity in the cabinet.

The humidity in the display cabinet can be controlled between 40%-60%, and the control accuracy is about ± 5%. 6. The display cabinet has a scientific lighting debugging system.

The quality of the museum's display environment and atmosphere will have an extremely important direct impact on the beauty of exhibits. To a certain extent, the use of lighting will have a huge impact on the display environment and atmosphere of the museum. The lighting design of the exhibition hall directly affects whether the exhibits can be better and more securely displayed to the visitors.

Therefore, we have considered the control of the museum display cabinet lamps, including safety control and exhibits watching. Using scientific and reasonable methods, visitors can appreciate vision and increase the viewing value of exhibits. 7.

Different display cabinets have different ways of opening. Depending on the structure of the display cabinet, there are usually three ways to open the wall cabinet: hinge opening, rotating peaceful movement and wireless control electrical opening. By the display cabinet: Its open method usually uses the previous push -pull method, and then translates left and right.

There is also a single door on the side of the display cabinet. Independent display cabinet: Generally, the previous push -pull and left and right translation, up and down, hydraulic opening, horizontal opening, etc. (Large -scale independent display cabinet opens through the electronic remote controller.

) Wall -mounted display cabinet (cantilever display cabinet): The most commonly used is the front and rear push -pull and hydraulic flip. Electric display cabinet: remote control electric type and front and rear push -pull types can be used to use. Constant Wet Display Cabinet: This museum display cabinet requires higher sealing requirements.

More suitable for using hydraulic upper and lower formulas and left and right translations. Cultural relics are non -renewable historical and cultural resources, and are the carrier of cultural heritage. When displaying cultural relics in the museum showcase, we must always keep in mind the important responsibility of protecting the cultural relics and protecting them at all costs.


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