What are the processes of customization of museum showcases

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The museum showcase plays a very important role in the museum, so do you know what the process of customization of the museum showcase is? The following is a detailed introduction for everyone: 1. The raw material wood displayed by the museum: The advantage is that the structure can be adjusted. Moreover, the price of materials for display cabinets is also moderate.

Stainless steel materials, not rust, can reach high brightness after polishing. Iron film material: The advantage is that the material is low in price and light quality. The disadvantage is that the structural change is not great.

If the production materials of the entire display cabinet are acrylic, the advantage is that there is a transparent crystal effect and a certain degree of durability. Glass: The advantage is that the material is cheap. Second, the design method design of the showcase should attract the attention of consumers from the display cabinet design.

The design principles should be simple, generous, and beautiful. A good display cabinet is to combine all these factors to make it natural, unique and easier to feel. The role of the display cabinet with a clear theme is to set off the products of the show.

Therefore, the theme of the design of the display cabinet must be consistent with the temperament, characteristics and image of the display product. 1. The scale of survey (or providing drawings and specific requirements) is usually usually established after receiving the customer's measurement notice, a special measurement list should be established.

This list reflects the specific information of some shopping malls and Party A. Requires to simplify this process. Generally, contact A to contact the sales staff of the party first, and then go to the site to conduct on -site investigations with the shopping mall.

This will reduce many unnecessary mistakes. 2. In terms of drawing drawings, the drawings are generally designed according to Party A's requirements, and different renderings are designed according to the level of different shopping malls.

The display cabinet manufacturer will establish a special design process based on the size table. These files reflect this project. Provide information to promote better operations and implementation of the project.

This document uses the tracking method. When the designer receives the measurement unit of the project, the designer starts to establish a tracking method. From the project to confirm to the factory to connect to the museum showcase factory.

3. Dragon confirming that the link is the most important and most prone to problem -related links in the product display cabinet of specialty stores. Usually reflected in the changes of the site and the production requirements of shopping malls.

Usually, if the location changes, the shopping mall will notify Party A in advance. Timely notify the display cabinet manufacturer for re -measurement. In the production requirements of the shopping center, the shopping center usually put forward some stricter regulations, which usually conflicts with Party A's CI standard.

If production is not produced in accordance with the requirements of the shopping center, the museum showcase custom manufacturer's entry deposit cannot be refunded. It is hoped that Party A will also strengthen confirmation of this aspect while communicating with the mall to facilitate the on -site operation of the display cabinet manufacturer. 4.

Quotation confirmation drawings confirm that we will offer special projects based on the drawings. Party A will confirm and review it. After confirming the review, we will notify us to produce.

Party A shall send a written notice on the production of the shop cabinet of the shop commodity museum, and fax it to the manufacturer customized by the museum showcase. Museum showcase custom manufacturers will also be designed when receiving production notices. Send the process form and the final confirmation chart to the factory, and then the factory performs operations according to a specific documentation.

5. After receiving the design flowchart, the factory production plant has completed the material review and established the material application form for the project. The materials used in this project are made on it.

Workers collect materials from the warehouse according to the specific details of the materials application form. For production, the factory manager shall conduct on -site inspections and acceptance of the project while completing the factory production, and establish an on -site acceptance table for the project to ensure that the product pass rate reaches 100%. In this link, the factory must strictly follow the design.

The specific requirements in the flowchart should be operated to avoid some problems. 6. After installing the product display cabinet of the production store on the spot, we must also set the construction order of this project during the on -site assembly (using the tracking method to complete the product display cabinet of the specialty store).

These documents reflect some of the basic information of the project and record some problems that occur during the assembly process. On -site construction is usually caused by emergency situations and some non -artificial factors. Museum showcase custom manufacturers will reflect it in this document and provide them to Party A and shopping malls.

Confirm that after Party A can better review the acceptance and acceptance, the museum showcase manufacturer should pass the project construction order to Party A as soon as possible to inform the project that has passed. .


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