What are the precautions for shopping cabinet decoration?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Whether it is an operator or a decorative design company, you must fully communicate the concepts and goals of their own needs when designing showcases and shelves. What are the precautions for the decoration of the Shopping Cabinet in Suzhou display cabinet manufacturers?. Full communication is a necessary prerequisite for designing the showcase, and it is also indispensable.

Without sufficient communication, no consensus is reached. Both parties must be very clear and confirming the intention and special needs of the design of the showcase to establish design ideas. The design company fully understands the connotation of merchants or a certain brand characteristics: that is, corporate culture; target customer behavior, psychological, preference, occupation and other consumer demand factor factors; product prices, styles, appearance, color, function, etc.

Provide creative design foundation. Detailed survey and investigation of the operator, understand the spatial location and building structure, facilities (sky, land, walls, columns, lighting, ventilation, channels, stairs, etc.) hardware environmental characteristics of the display cabinet in the mall.

This is the effective use of planes and space for design showcases to display products, attract customers and display brand images, and provide a design foundation. Together with the operator, the design characteristics and brand image characteristics of the surrounding neighbor cabinet of the exhibition cabinet should be designed, referring to, comparing design ideas and creativity, whether the theme color, light illuminance and color temperature), whether it has visual impact, propose to connect to the booster cabinet cabinet Suggestion plan for connection. Contact and communicate with the property management and safety management departments to understand the specific specific requirements of electricity consumption, fire protection, safety, environmental protection, and other shopping malls.

The showcase item is the main carrier of displaying products. Like the furniture in the family, not only should we multiply as much as possible, the use of the use of objects and artworks, but also to have affinity and personality, expressing the cultural level of a family and the level of the family and the level of the family and the level of the family and the level of the family and the level of the family and the level of the family and the level of the family. The style, also shows the economic strength of a family, and the design of the design of the mall exhibition cabinet.

Whether it is a department store, or the future competitive development trend of shopping malls or stores, it is positioned towards their own target market to build a warm, infectious shopping, entertainment, leisure space environment for their target customer groups. Therefore, the design showcase must be carved with design furniture, grasp the design function of the showcase, and integrate the design elements and design ideas, ideas, and creativity into. The principle in the design process is: First, the designer must stand at the same perspective as the operator and establish a customer -core design consciousness and concept; the second is that although customers are the main body, the showcase and product are objects, they must be designed through design.

The main and objects are combined together; the third is to clarify the carrier of the design of the showcase -whether the product is soft or hard commodity; the fourth is to understand whether the mall is a large garden or a Suzhou garden. To stop and watch, the designer must design the creativity step by step. Fifth, on the premise of ensuring quality, the design and production of the showcase must also ensure that his reasonable cost -effectiveness -economics.

There are many factors that involve all aspects of the design and production process of shopping malls and showcases. In order to pursue and achieve the ideal goal of the ideal display of product display, consider the design and production of display cabinets and racks from twelve aspects (points). Third, make full use of the display and display functions of the display and display and display are more important functions of design showcases and display racks.

Reasonable design can effectively extend the surface, line and space image of the display of the product. Use the exhibition cabinets, exhibition racks, and booth points, lines, and surfaces to separate and establish commodity display space. This is what we often call the product space layout planning.



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