What are the main points of the museum showcase?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Everyone has seen the museum showcases, so do you know what the main points of the museum showcase?. I. The basic parts we all know that the so -called museum is nothing more than displayed.

So as a museum's showcase planning, consider the consistency of the part of the whole pattern. The small themes of each part can use different data and planning styles, but with the overall planning Can't be disconnected. For example, if the museum that shows the ancient rhyme of Jiangnan is the overall dominance of an object with Jiangnan characteristics.

If you put a starry sky swaying in the international international, it will look like a military museum. It is also very discordant to put a Jiangnan ancient charm and put it in. Most of the museums are at close range to viewing cultural relics or objects, usually 360 ¡ã without dead ends, so as a museum showcase planning information, it is more to consider the choice of lighting and glass.

The height and width of the cabinet, a large large object like terracotta warriors and horses, the light requires comfortable softness and not eye -catching. Second, the planning of the exhibition cabinets of the safe museum should consider its own stability, because the function of the museum is mainly to provide people to watch, which is inevitable that there are cunning children to play and push in it. Perhaps it is too thin and easy to fall and damage.

In the audience, there are three hands that appear. If it is valuable cultural relics exhibitions, it is necessary to strengthen anti -theft, such as the infrared alarm system. In addition, the fire protection is not much to say.

It can be done according to the fire inspection standard. The museum showcase planning should consider operations, because the museum showcase is generally relatively stupid, then he must consider operating, like a large wall showcase, their glass cabinet doors can automatically push pull and lock themselves with self -locking and locking self -locking. The function, if it is a museum showcase with a small volume, consider the opening of the glass door above, open the door of the splint cabinet below, which is almost the same as the jewelry showcase.

3. The design of the design of the showcases needs to be considered in the design process of regional factors. The regional factors must be considered.

The primary factor that should be considered in China. The design of the showcase needs to consider the aesthetic factors. If you are good, you can better send the meaning of the brand to express the brand to express the overall sense, such as relaxed, pleasant or elegant and solemn, etc.

The design of the display cabinet needs to consider the furnishings of the furnishings factors not only reflects a static information in the store, but also to a large extent into visual dynamic information, which affects consumers' consumption behavior. The fusion makes the display cabinet and the product furnishings reveal the sales of the product. Therefore, the display cabinet is considered in terms of safety, maintenance, operation, and display.

Unlike the product cabinet, it is also necessary to consider the light and advertising part. Then the museum display cabinet will weaken in this regard, but it does not mean. From the above five aspects, the function points of the museum showcase design are explained.

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