What are the key points of museum showcase design?

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I believe many people have seen the museum showcase, so do you understand the key points of the design of the museum showcase? It ’s unclear to listen to the introduction of the museum showcase manufacturer! There are many types of types, usually museums classify them, and then display the same type of cultural relics in the same exhibition hall. In order to highlight the theme, the museum will design the decoration, lights, and tones of the exhibition hall according to different types of cultural relics, so that the style of the exhibition hall and the characteristics of the cultural relics. However, today, when the design is exquisitely designed, it is not enough to design and decorate the exhibition hall.

It is also necessary to design the exhibition cabinet according to the type of cultural relics, so that the cultural relics and the exhibition hall and the exhibition hall environment can form a unified and coordinated relationship. It should be noted that the design of the showcase in style, color and other styles must conform to the content characteristics of the exhibits. The typical example is the "Shixiang Garden Memorial Hall".

The along wall cabinets adopted by the exhibition hall is suitable for the combination of painting. It shows the painter's accomplishment in painting. Ink, paper and other cultural relics, and through the combination of multiple showcases, the audience has seen the painter's painting tools.

At the same time, the showcase uses brownish brown representing the flavor of literati, echoing the decoration design in the exhibition hall, allowing the audience to be in a strong classical classical classical classical classical classical In the artistic atmosphere. 2. According to the size of the cultural relics, the museum showcase design showcases need to occupy the exhibition hall space for cultural relics display.

The size of the occupation space is related to the size of the showcase. Therefore, the design of the size and the appropriate exhibition cabinet according to the size of the cultural relics is important for the reasonable use of the exhibition hall space. If, put a small cultural relic in a large cabinet, which will make the display in the showcase look empty.

It has not effectively used the space of the showcase, and also caused the unreasonable use of the exhibition hall space. Conversely, if a large piece of cultural relics are placed in a short cabinet with small spaces, the display will appear too compact, and there will be security risks. Therefore, designing the exhibition cabinet for the cultural relics can not only reasonably use the space of the showcase, but also reduce some security risks in the display process.

For example, the "Sichuan Art Museum Linking Hall" is mainly based on painting display, and the entire exhibition hall only uses the wall cabinet along the wall. According to the type of life and work supplies of migrant workers, the migrant workers museum uses the tiestal, suspension cabinet, and wall cabinet to reasonably deploy in all parts of the exhibition hall. Bit by bit.

3. Depending on the display method, the museum showcase is designed for each cultural relics that belong to it the best display method. According to the type and display requirements of cultural relics, it is divided into two ways: static display and dynamic display.

The former is to display the cultural relics directly. Its advantage is that the most primitive and real side of the cultural relics can be presented to the audience. For museums with a large number of cultural relic resources, static display is a direct and effective display method that allows the audience to watch the original appearance of the cultural relics and experience the historical background of cultural relics.

Static display is a display method adopted by most museums at present. For example, the Yangtze River Civilization Museum focuses on more than 1,700 animal and plant specimens and precious cultural relics that reflect the natural ecology of the Yangtze River and human civilization. Based on the different nature of cultural relics exhibits, the exhibition hall uses independent cabinets, suspension cabinets, wall cabinets and cabinets to cleverly display space.

The transparent organic support table is integrated with a variety of display cultural relics, and the exquisite and chic cultural relics are more unique under the soft lights, which fully reflects the long history and bright civilization of the Yangtze River. Dynamic display refers to organically combining high -tech (such as multimedia technology) with cultural relics display. Compared with static display, dynamic display can display the story of cultural relics to the audience more vividly through images and sounds.

In terms of cultural relics, dynamic display is more advantageous. For example, the "Burning Pottery Exhibition" exhibited at the Eighth China Museum and related products and technology expo, "Burning Tao Exhibition" uses multimedia technology to launch the "Burning Development History" film, so that the audience can more intuitively understand the ceramic firing The process and development process improved the audience's participation. The main points of the museum showcase design are shared here first.

I do n’t know what the main points and cases of these museum showcases are designed?.


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