What are the four key points made by museum showcases?

Author:DG Master-Showcases manufacturer

If you want the museum showcase to make good, first of all, we need to pay attention to four key points in the process of making, so as to ensure what are the four key points during the production of museum showcases? About four key points must be considered, because these four key points directly determine the performance of this exhibition cabinet. If these four key points do not meet the corresponding standards, then this showcase may not meet the compliance The requirements for use, even if it is rashly used, may cause great damage to the cultural relics. The first important key point is that it is necessary to have a certain decoration, and at the same time, it is necessary to consider security on the basis of decoration, especially the safety of the showcases placed in the museum is to focus on it.

However, some customers may consider the decoration effect more, but ignore the security factors. Such considerations are very poor, because many cultural relics are quite precious. It may cause cultural relics to be exposed in a large risk, and it may even cause some extremely unpredictable serious consequences.

The second key point when the museum showcase was made is to filter ultraviolet rays. This is an extremely important place. This kind of ultraviolet filtration is not only the ultraviolet rays of the light outside, but the ultraviolet filtration emitted from the lighting inside must also be considered.

Because the cultural relics are more sensitive to ultraviolet rays during the exhibition, because the age of many cultural relics is relatively long. If it is exposed to the UV environment, it will likely cause these cultural relics to slowly damage. Very good isolation of ultraviolet rays, which can make the cultural relics last longer, so that the cultural relics will provide people with spiritual and visual enjoyment for more than a long time.

The third important key point is that the entire processing process is best to be carried out under a dust -free environment, because some cultural relics are highly sensitive to dust. Causes cultural relics to be damaged by these dust and impurities. If the process of production and processing is not well controlled by high -level dustless control, then after the product is done.

The fourth key point of the museum showcase is that the size control of all aspects must be very accurate, so as to ensure that the entire cabinet has good sealing and pattern performance. In addition, it is very accurate to control the size, and it is also conducive to increasing various accurate control auxiliary systems in the later period, such as increasing accurate micro -computer control systems, increasing very accurate light control systems, and other auxiliary facilities. .


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