What are the common types of Chinese medicine cabinets

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When it comes to the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet, everyone's first impression should be a wooden Chinese medicine cabinet, because we usually go to the pharmacy to catch medicine. The most seeing the wooden Chinese medicine cabinet is related to the origin of the Chinese medicine cabinet. Before the reform and opening up, my country was in special material specialty.

In the era of poverty, this has also suppressed people's creativity. People, food, food, and transportation basically come from nature, so at that time, many of our utensils were made of wood. Of course use.

However, with the development of the times, the steel industry is becoming more and more prosperous, and the Chinese medicine cabinets of steel and stainless steel also appear on the market, and it has risen rapidly. The market share has been continuously expanded. The traditional Chinese medicine cabinet of stainless steel is well received.

To this day, many traditional Chinese medicine hospitals have also started using stainless steel Chinese medicine cabinets or Chinese medicine cabinets. People have seen the advantages of metal Chinese medicine cabinets, so they are so widely used. There are many other names of Chinese medicine cabinets, such as Baizi Cabinet, Multi -Dou Cabinet, Pharmaceutical Cabinet, Medicine Douzi, etc.

The following will tell you the common types of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets on the market, so that everyone is not purchased when purchasing. As for the fog, it is difficult to choose. In fact.

Everyone has been in contact with the wooden Chinese medicine cabinets, and I won't repeat it again in the next time. Just remind everyone that when buying, you must find out the wood material used in the Chinese medicine cabinet. The wooden medicine cabinet is difficult to distinguish the material.

The solid wood is also divided into many types, and the structure is different, and the price will be very different. Glasses, don't just pay attention to the price, but also pay attention to quality and material. The wooden Chinese medicine cabinets are painted with paint.

Be sure to choose without odor to avoid excessive formaldehyde and affect the quality of drugs. Steel traditional Chinese medicine cabinet is processed by high -quality cold -rolled steel plates. From the board to the finished product, it needs to go through more than a dozen processes.

The outside static plastic powder, the material is environmentally friendly, the new Chinese medicine cabinet just made has no odor, it is very environmentally friendly, the color is also the color, and the color is also the color. Diverse, can customize different colors. Suzhou traditional Chinese medicine cabinets not only continue the traditional style of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets, but also add some modern elements, which are widely welcomed by the public.

The ideal choice of traditional Chinese medicine shop and the acutors. The stainless steel traditional Chinese medicine cabinet has been on the fire of the stars. The trend of Laguyuan occupies a larger market share.

It is recognized by colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry. The stainless steel is clean and hygienic, bright and bright, and it looks very high -end. It also feels very environmentally friendly.

The durability and durability of stainless steel Chinese medicine cabinets are the highest, well -maintained, and can be used for several generations. In the long run, the cost performance is actually the highest. We all know the popular sentence now.

One disadvantage, the rest are advantages, and cheap things have only one advantage, the rest are disadvantages, a good thing. The above briefly introduces three common types of Chinese medicine cabinets. Cabinet, western medicine stand, wax block cabinet, sliced ​​cabinet, air -dried cabinet, etc.

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