What are the characteristics of the special glass of museum showcases?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Do you think when you go to the museum to visit, why did the glass of the museum show so clear?. It will allow us to observe and appreciate the charm of the original flavor of cultural relics. Cultural relics showcase glass plays a vital role in the production of the showcase.

Museum cultural relic showcase manufacturers introduce the museum -specific glass used by the museum display cabinet. What requirements should be met when selecting glass. 1.

The showcase requires a flat, high brightness. The smooth flatness produced by high -standard production processes is extremely high, which ensures that the effect of visiting cultural relics will be better. High brightness will have the effect of magnifying glass.

Let tourists look clearer when visiting the cultural relics! 2. The glass of the display cabinet generally uses tempered glass reinforced glass is actually a prestressed glass. In order to improve the strength of the glass, the safety is better.

Glass has improved the carrying capacity through tempered treatment, and enhances the impact of the glass itself. Applicable to commercial display cabinets, jewelry showcases, cultural relic display cabinets, clothing showcases, etc. 3.

To resist oxidation and aging. Everyone must have such a life experience. The glass just installed will feel a light blue feeling and feel the luster is good.

After a long time, this light blue gradually disappeared, and the glass did not have the original gloss. That's because a certain binary iron ion is added during the glass production process, and oxidation reactions will occur after a long time. Over time, there is no original luster.

So the addition of glass additives will affect the quality of the glass. To ensure the glass resistance of glass and oxidation 4. The glass material used in the museum display cabinet is different, then its clarity is different.

For the display cabinet of the display of the display cabinet, the glass of the display cabinet uses low reflected glass. , Low reflective glass is plated on the glass surface to plated a special layer of chemical coating to reduce the glass reflectance and increase the transmission rate. The direct light reflectance of the glass surface will decrease.

At the same time, the improvement of light transmission and decrease in reflectivity can greatly improve the visual clarity of our viewing of the exhibits. A low -glass showcase can reduce the effects of the showcase lights, environmental light, and neighboring showcase reflex light. 5.

Production and processing strictly in accordance with industry standards for production technology. Industry production standards have a quantitative standard for light transmission, refractive index, and purity. Only glass produced according to the standard can generally ensure high quality 6.

It's good glass. The glass of the showcase is generally thick, and there is no bubble or any impurities during the glass production process. A little bit of flaws will cause experience when visiting cultural relics!.


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