What are the characteristics of the cultural relic display cabinet?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

With the booming development of the museum project in recent years, many furniture factories have also poured into the museum exhibition market, which has led to confusion in the entire industry. Museum showcase manufacturers display as a professional museum showcase custom manufacturer, combined with their own years of production and production experience to talk about the characteristics of the museum showcase. 1.

Display space planning and design During the museum display cabinet customization process, people often have the external form of the showcase, and the display space does not carry out a thoughtful plan according to the type and performance of the exhibition. Performance. Due to the lack of a good performance stage, many exhibition items that should have been rendered performance were forced to distort or abandon, which will inevitably affect the quality of the exhibition.

In order to ensure the exhibition effect of the museum exhibition, according to the category and performance methods of the exhibition, we should carefully plan and design the display space. 2. In the form of museum showcases, we must pay special attention to this point: How is the design items that have been completed before; whether you have done similar design projects; whether you have done a good design project;.

In addition, pay attention to the difference between the design agency and the designer. As far as the design of the exhibition is concerned, designers are more important than design institutions. Because, although some design agencies are old, the main designers have left; although some design agencies are young, the main designers are experienced.

In terms of formal design, the goal that the museum wants to choose is designers with successful experience, not design institutions. 3. The design and form design of museum showcase customization and exhibition control showcases are not enough.

The success of the exhibition will eventually be implemented. Therefore, choosing a successful manufacturer to undertake the production and exhibition of the exhibition is another very important link. 4.

Museum showcase structure formation base is made of steel, and each group unit is combined into a highly stable integrated base through the connector. The framework uses high -quality aluminum alloy dedicated profiles, and the powder is sprayed into any BS or RAL standard color and the color specified by other customers. The base is a steel structure with a decorative panel with a steel material above 1.

2mm. The powder is sprayed into any BS or RAL standard color and the color specified by other customers. The bearing capacity of the base is not less than 150kg/m2.

The overall fixing of the showcase. Glass using museum -level high -quality glue anti -theft glass (compliance with BS5544 standard). The standard glass is 5+5mm or 6+6mm.

This museum can filter more than 97%of ultraviolet radiation (wavelength is 320 and 380 nanometers). You can choose to use ultra -white glass (American PPG) and low reflection ultra -white glass (Schut Schott in Germany). This kind of glass is not as green as ordinary standard glass, which guarantees exquisite color exhibits, such as manuscripts, textiles and artworks.

The light transmission rate of ultra -white glass reaches more than 85%, the light transmission rate of low reflection ultra -white glass reaches more than 95%, and the reflectance of visible light does not exceed 1%. .


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