What are the characteristics of common types of museum showcases

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

There are many people in the museum showcases, so do you understand the characteristics of the common types of museum showcases? The following is a detailed introduction for everyone: 1. The museum of the museum along the wall is displayed on the back of the wall. You can according to the display needs.

Expand. The display cabinet has a broad display space, which can accommodate a variety of cultural relics with a variety of sizes and materials, which is suitable for comprehensive cultural relics exhibitions. The museum cabinets along the wall are relatively large in volume and size.

It can accommodate many cultural relics at a time, bring continuous vision to visitors, and greatly change the visual consciousness of the observer's visual awareness of the museum exhibition hall. 2. Independent display cabinet independent display cabinet is a display cabinet, usually placed in the center of the museum exhibition hall.

It has its unique advantages: the transparent glass and a square base, tourists can observe the cultural relics in the museum exhibition cabinet from any angle of the exhibition hall. Independent display cabinet is suitable for precious exhibits suitable for individual display. They can also be customized according to the size of the exhibits to ensure that the visitors can be convenient and comfortably browse the cultural relics in the museum cabinet.

Museum independent cabinets can be divided into panoramic independent high cabinets, independent cabinets, etc. Among them, the panoramic independent high cabinet can be placed at 360 degrees. The audience can watch the cultural relics from multiple angles, which is suitable for the display of key cultural relics.

Independent cabinets, also known as independent large cabinets, can be used to display multiple exhibits at the same time and display rich content. 3. The hanging cabinet of the hanging cabinet museum is directly installed on the wall, allowing tourists to watch the cultural relics up close.

It enriches the form of modern museums. Small hanging cabinets are usually used to display small cultural relics, such as animal specimens, badges, etc. Large suspension cabinets can show more cultural relics than small suspension cabinets.

4. The main body of the wall cabinet cabinet is embedded on the wall, only one side display exhibits. The wall cabinet has a compact structure.

The size of the cabinet and the depth of the buried wall can be designed according to needs, which can effectively use the exhibition space to provide a highly secure display environment for the cultural relics. It can be used for the display of various cultural relics. 5.

There are usually two types of table display counter display cabinets: flat display cabinet and tilt display cabinet. The height of the plane display cabinet is generally about 1 meter, mainly suitable. It is usually placed near the corridor of the museum exhibition hall, which is more suitable for audiences to ignore.

Observed. There is also a tilting display cabinet, also known as the tilt cabinet. The glass of the tilt cabinet has a tilt angle, which is usually used in the exhibition hall with relatively flat cultural relics, such as archives and historical exhibition halls.

The museum showcase is a bridge for communication, and it is also the only carrier between cultural relics and tourists. Through the display cabinet, visitors can more conveniently understand the history of cultural relics, feel the strong historical emotions behind it, understand the national spirit, and inherit the history and culture. Therefore, in the museum exhibition design project, the choice of display cabinets is particularly important, including safety, environmental protection, gas tightness, internal environmental control, lighting system and display cabinet account opening method.



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