What are the aspects of the display plan of the gold jewelry showcase?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

In the market, the golden shop attracts customers' attention, relying on the exquisite planning of the window. So, in order to perfectly show the window of the golden shop, what should entrepreneurs know what? The window is all of the use of space, selection of materials, controlling lights, and obvious coloring. Express it intuitively, and use meaning and association to trigger various associations of customers, have spiritual communication and consensus, and then affect potential spending desires.

Golden jewelry showcase window display effects on the planning effect from four aspects: Jewelry Golden Showcase Boy window 1. From the perspective of space, it is the facade of the merchant. Its position is close to the street.

The main place of passers -by. 2. The information function of the window is the material carrier and bond between the customer and the product.

The information conveyed by the window has two layers of material and energy. The material level is the most intuitive, including the color, material, use of the product, and the use of the product. The need to satisfy the energy level of customers.

Shanghai Asia -One Gold Store showcase III. The orientation of the commercial window of the window is within the scale that is close to the customer. The effect of its commercial competition determines the strategic position of the window window.

In the limited space of the window, the merchant preach the product, the invention of the brand's vital army, the invention of some kind of atmosphere, the grade of the plan, the sales strategy, etc. These are important factor to attract customers. Fourth, the artistic window display plan of the gold jewelry showcase window is a inductive discipline, including space appearance, props planning, lighting planning, data science, multimedia art, etc.

Excellent designer is like an excellent director. Based on the characteristics of the product, it uses various artistic methods to integrate it in a small window space to convey the unique function, meaning and other information to everyone. The beautiful golden jewelry showcase window planning is a bright color in the city.

In addition to beautifying the city, it has invented the living environment of everyone's living environment, which brings energy enjoyment and the influence of art. The theme planning of the window is serving people,“people oriented”of. Whether it is a diagnosis and interpretation product, which affects customers' purchasing desires, it still reflects the artistic grade and operating philosophy of the merchant.

It is a planning concept that considers people to determine the theme of the window after investigating and studying the customer. For example, the natural theme in the window planning is studied by people's needs and actual conditions. The frequency of operating in modern society is getting faster and faster.

The construction of steel, glass, and concrete in the city of Cuihua Jindian's showcase cannot give everyone a trace of comfort and warmth. Everyone expects to return to nature, so as not to remove physical and mental fatigue and re -full vitality. The window designer has also begun to understand that everyone needs this kind of mind to plan in the window“Natural theme”Not only did it attract some customers, it also allowed customers to feel the natural smell during the shopping process.


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