Three factors and details that need to be considered at the design of the jewelry counter of the mall_ jewelry showcase_ 商 商 _ Cartier jewelry showcase_ jewelry display cabinet_

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There are many jewelry shops with different images and styles in the mall. It is almost difficult for us to find the same. Even if the structure is consistent, there will be differences in the selection of materials in details.

So how to make your jewelry store's attention among many brands? What details do you need to pay attention to in the design of the jewelry display cabinet and store decoration? China Gold Show Cabinet 1. When designing the mall jewelry showcase, pay attention. Color is the most attractive and most expressive element.

Through the psychological, physiological, and instinctual response generated by people's visual feelings, a rich association, profound meaning and symbolic. Therefore, the jewelry shop showcase will consider the visual experience of consumers. According to the different environment, different colors are selected to create a personalized jewelry counter image.

2. The design of the mall jewelry showcase should start from the actual function of the product display, that is, the design of the existing space, combined with its functions to complete the final effect of displaying the display design. When the overall layout is divided in the overall function, naturally considering the facade decoration effect of the back, the actual construction feasibility prediction.

In order to make a reasonable display design to meet the custom needs of customers. Jewelry showcases III. Pay attention to the use of the location space of the jewelry counter at the mall, and make reasonable use of the shopping mall display space.

The division of the space of each showcase should be reasonable as possible, the display area is obvious, the advertising light box, etc. should be placed in a reasonable position. Also consider the best height of consumer purchasing, try to display the best height as much as possible, which is convenient for customers to choose the comfort of the selection of space in display space.

Can't make customers feel that the overall space is too narrow, can not choose activities well, nor can the overall space design of the space is open, they will feel insufficient, or the display effect can not be achieved. Jewelry display cabinet mall Jewelry counters are combined with color combination, functional display, and effective spatial use, so that jewelry stores stand out among many brands, which plays a role in improving the brand's image display. Therefore, when the showcase is designed, it is necessary to consider the impact of all external factors, and use external factors as much as possible to reasonably and effectively guide consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of sales.



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