Three design elements of fashion high -end jewelry display cabinets

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Jewelry showcases are an important part of the docking of customers and jewelry impression, which greatly affects customers' overall impression and hierarchical positioning of jewelry products. Therefore, jewelry dealers pay attention to whether the overall effect brought by it when buying the jewelry display cabinet. Atmospheric, high -end, elegant.

Jewelry showcase producers should seize the psychological design of the jewelry dealer and make a fashionable and high -end jewelry display cabinet. The following are the main points of design elements of jewelry counters based on the actual experience of many years of practical experience for reference. Jewelry display cabinet jewelry showcase light design pays attention to different types of light species of different types of lamps, such as halogen lamps with warm yellow light, LED cold white light; jewelry display cabinets have high requirements for light design, and must be configured for jewelry configuration The appropriate light color must first specify the jewelry showcase light source.

The lights of the jewelry display cabinet come from the top light source, inner light source and front light source. The selection of light sources in different parts also has a certain degree of attention: the main light sources on the top surface are gold halogen and fire lights, and the inside of the jewelry display cabinet is mostly light light lighting to improve the overall brightness; LED lights are supplemented as supplementary light sources to improve the three -dimensional sense of jewelry. The color design of the jewelry showcase is simple, and the color design of the harmonious and beautiful jewelry showcases generally adhere to the principle of simple and generous, because too much color changes can easily cause consumers' visual fatigue.

The color of the jewelery display cabinet is best as the color and color of the jewelry corporate logo. The selection of colors is the most harsh and rigorous of all art forms. Generally, it does not exceed three colors.

, Pleasant information, in line with the nature of the company's products, the jewelry display cabinet uses the same color to manufacture the overall harmony. Stainless steel jewelry showcase Jewelry showcase Visual effect jewelry display cabinet design is to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of display activities, so that consumers accept information most effectively in limited time and space. To create a good visual effect, we must pay attention to the design elements of display forms.

The design of the display form of the display object is an important part of the design of the jewelry display cabinet. The design of jewelry showcases requires in -depth understanding of the principles of plane composition, three -dimensional composition, and color composition. As long as the jewelry display cabinet design needs to be done with the heart, discovery and explore, and feel it, it will definitely be able to design and produce the needs of jewelry seller's needs.

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