These three points are things to pay attention to design and production of showcases

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Modern large -scale shopping malls want to have a small -scale shopping mall showcase, but the technology and facilities of some small showcase companies cannot meet the requirements, which directly causes a lot of waste and increases the cost of the mall's showcase as a professional as a professional. The design and production producer of the showcase design states that the design of the three -point showcase needs to pay attention to 1. Points in full and reasonablely using unique spaces.

Pay attention to displaying the dead corner of the cabinet and feel the flow of people in the store! Meet the CI requirements of merchants. 2. Can't be too ridiculous.

3. Complete the practical function of displaying products. Note that customers need to sell goods instead of shelves! 4.

The appearance is beautiful and novel, attractive, and at the same time give people a good impression. The only way to attract the eyeballs. The advantages and disadvantages of the design and production of shopping cabinets will directly affect the sales of goods.

Some problems exist in the use of modern shopping mall showcases. The mall showcase item is the main carrier of the mall's performance of the goods, and it is also the main framework of the shopping mall's space vision. Different products have different display cabinet props and functions.

The earliest manufacturing glass was used as decorations and artworks, such as accessories and furnishings. At that time, it was extremely precious glass used in the building. In addition to its functional requirements for the building, it has always been connected with art.

Each building is a piece of art, which condenses the creativity of the architect, reproduces the design concept of the architect, and reflects the architect's admiration and pursuit of art. The decorative performance of the glass is the dynamic of activity and the vitality of life reflection, which can make the building colorful and glorious. Reflecting the moonlight can make the building faint and full of mysterious colors.

A reflection with the light can make the building, such as the palace in the sky, can also make it strange; it can make the living room be peaceful and warm, and it can also make it cold. And architectural decoration glass is the best information to realize the conception of architectural designers, because no material has as many properties as glass, such as the light transmission of glass, the transparency of the glass, the translucentness of the glass, the refraction of the glass, the refraction of the glass The reflection of glass, the poly color of the glass, the brightness of the glass, the diversity of the glass appearance pattern, the diversity of the glass shape, and the diversity of the glass device structure.


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