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Many merchants who customize cosmetics showcases ask the price as soon as we find our booth factory. This makes our sales staff really bad, how can I answer. First of all, we don’t know the display cabinet style, type, size and other information you need.

The following editor specifically introduces the specific process of making cosmetics display cabinets. Custom cosmetic display cabinet process 1. Dimensions measurement showcase Factory needs to measure the size of the store when making cosmetics display cabinets.

Generally, customers will notify the display cabinet production by phone to measure. Avoid errors in missed quantities, occur. The display cabinet producer can also confirm with the local business.

Avoid the occurrence of such phenomena. In order to standardize this link, a special measurement notice should be established. Facten to the display cabinet producer in writing as the basis for measurement.

It is also for the more effective field operation. 2. After the on -site survey received a notice from customer measurement, a special measurement form should be established, which reflects the specific information of some shopping malls and Party A and the specific requirements of this specialty store product display cabinet.

Party A's salesperson contacts on the spot and the business three parties will conduct field surveys. This will reduce a lot of unnecessary mistakes. This link is the most important and most prone problem in the production process of the entire specialty store product display cabinet.

Generally It will be reflected in the two aspects of venue changes and shopping mall production requirements. Change venue changes often notify Party A in advance in general malls. The rigid regulations often have some conflicts with Party A's CI standards.

If they are not made in accordance with the requirements of the mall, the display cabinet producer's deposit cannot be refunded. I hope that Party A will also strengthen this while communicating with the mall. The confirmation of the side is convenient for the field operation of the display cabinet production.

3. Design drawing drawings are generally designed according to the requirements of Party A's CI. Different effect maps are designed according to different grades of different shopping malls.

In the project, some specific information is used to facilitate the better operation and implementation of this project. This document adopts a tracking type, and starts to establish the measurement form of this project with the designer. When this project confirms that the order is placed, the orders are connected between the factory.

4. The general drawing confirmation of drawings is divided into the general drawings. The malls and Party A confirm that the confirmation of the mall is confirmed by Party A's business and the mall directly confirmed.

The general problem is more likely to generate this in the shopping mall drawings. Because the mall is the same as mentioned as mentioned above, there are some production regulations of the mall, and your company also has its own production standards. Conflicts are prone to occur.

For example, the general malls of general companies are not special malls. They use composite flooring. Sometimes the malls must lay glass flooring, which is easy to cause differences.

In writing, the specific requirements and information of the shopping malls reflected by Party A are really given in writing. When Party A receives the measurement of the display cabinet producer, then further communicates and solve it with the mall. Over.

It is guaranteed that the operation process of this project is implemented in an error -free solution. The drawings designed by Party A and shopping malls designed can be recognized. 5.

Place the order to confirm the drawing shopping mall and the showcase production party to confirm to place the order. The display cabinet producer will place an order to the factory in the situation of the design process list. The documents reflect all the necessary factors and production requirements of this project, which is convenient for convenience Factory operation river implementation.

At the same time indicate the entrance time, the completion time. This document can only complete this operation after receiving the confirmation drawings signed by the mall and customers. 6.

Quotation confirm the drawing confirmation of our special project quotation according to the drawing, Party A confirms the review. After confirming that the review is completed, we will notify us to make production. Party A should make a special store product display cabinet production notice in writing to fax to the display cabinet producer.

The required entry time is completed, etc. The display cabinet producer also puts the design process form and the final confirmation effect diagram to the factory while receiving the production notice. 7.

While receiving the design process list (the documents will reflect the production requirements of the mall), the factory production plant has completed the review work and also establishes the material receipt of the project. According to the specific details of the material collection order, it is produced at the warehouse. At the same time as the factory is produced, the factory director should perform acceptance of the project, and at the same time establish the project acceptance form The pass rate is 100%.

In this link. The factory director must also review the product according to the design process list. 8.

Install the specialty store product display cabinet on the spot. While assembling the site, we also set up the engineering construction order of this project accordingly (using the tracking of the tracking of the special store product display cabinet). Basic information, and some problems that occur during the assembly process of this project, on -site construction often changes unexpected events and some non -artificial factors.

Fanghe shopping malls confirm. It is convenient for Party A to better review. 9.

After the construction of on -site inspection is completed, we will give the business personnel as a whole in the form of engineering construction order, and at the same time give signatures and reviews. As a result, the qualification rate is 100%, and the on -site assembly qualification rate is 100%. The display cabinet producer also has a special after -sales service card.

It is generally affixed to the back of the cashier. According to the specific requirements put forward by Party A, the maintenance time maintenance content establishes a special after -sales service tracking order to handle the maintenance matters of your company as soon as possible. 10.

After the information feedback is completed, the display cabinet producer will really pass the project construction single to Party A as soon as possible to inform the project that has passed the operation. .


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