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In order to improve the service life of the showcase and make the exhibition cabinet easier to display the product effect, we all need to maintain and repair the showcase. Let's talk about it in detail below. Surface cleaning products such as soapy water and dishwasure not only cannot effectively remove the dust accumulated on the surface of the display cabinet, nor can it remove the silicon sand particles before lighting, and because it is corrosive, it will damage the surface of the jewelry counter.

Make the paint surface of the display cabinet dim. At the same time, if the moisture penetrates into the wood, it will also cause the wood mold or local deformation to reduce the service life. Many display cabinets are suppressed by fiber board machines.

If there is water penetration, the first two years have not been completely volatile because of formaldehyde and other additives. However, once the additive is volatilized, the moisture of the wet cloth will trigger the moldy cabinet. If the residents with a lower floor, the display cabinet at home may be "moldy" every year.

Here we also remind you that even if there are some piano paint coatings on the surface of the display cabinet, you can use water with water appropriately. Do not keep the wet cloth on the surface of the display cabinet for a long time to avoid the wetness from penetrating into the wood. The instructions of many exhibition cabinets for leather maintenance stated on the instructions that can be used to maintain leather sofa, which caused many housewives to make mistakes.

And the salespersons in the display cabinet shop know that the display cabinet care spray can only be used to spray the surface of the wooden display cabinet, and it cannot be sprayed on the sofa. This is because the leather sofa is actually the skin of the animal. Once the wax spray is sprayed on it, it will cause the pores of the leather products to block.

In addition, in order to make the display cabinet look more shiny, some wax products are directly applied to the display cabinet, or it is improper, but it will make the surface of the display cabinet with fog -like spots. Wipe tools better use towels, cotton cloth, cotton fabrics, or flaw fabrics such as water -absorbing fabrics to wipe. Old clothes that can cause cosmetic showcases with coarse cloth, wired head or stitching, buttons, etc.

, should be avoided as much as possible. Dust treatment of dust is a lot of people composed of fiber, sand, and silicon soil. In fact, in the friction of these fine particles in the back and forth, the lacquer surface of the display cabinet has been damaged.

Although these scratches are minimal, even the naked eye cannot be seen, but over time, it will cause the surface of the display cabinet to be dull and rough. Place the position when the exhibition cabinet is found to be found that some of the water has not been dried. The display cabinet needs to be placed in the sun.

A wrong behavior is because most display cabinets are skin wooden showcases. Later, after thermal expansion and contraction, it will cause the appearance of the display cabinet to look like, and even fall off the skin. Greatly reduce the service life and beauty of the display cabinet.

The display cabinet is an indispensable display display of any brand product sales carrier. As long as you want to establish a brand image and make a good brand to let consumers leave good visual feelings about corporate brands. To make a display cabinet for your own products, but if the maintenance is improper, it will greatly reduce the service life of the display cabinet .

Therefore, the maintenance of the display cabinet is a lot of materials that should be used for your own display cabinet to maintain maintenance. .


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