The selection of Suzhou Chinese Medicine Cabinet is very particular about

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The material selection of Chinese medicine cabinets is derived from the paradise basement of the green plant, which is the same source as the solid wood plate, which is the ultimate unity. Therefore, the use of solid wood board and wood as the production and processing materials of the Chinese medicine cabinet Ultimate harmony. When choosing solid wood board raw materials, it should be noted that although Chinese herbal medicines are derived from various green plants as furniture, their roots difference depends on the previous one must What must be is the structural mechanics and compression strength of the material.

The first one is the dried fruit branches of green plants, and the latter is the key body of the large and medium -sized green plants. According to the above consideration, when choosing furniture materials, first consider that the material has sufficient pressure resistance, and the furniture made of the furniture has sufficient solidity. In addition, it should be noted that the selected materials should be a material without odor or no harm to the pharmacology of Chinese herbal medicine.

Nature materials are in various postures. At the selection of production and processing materials, the level of production and processing is the same as adopting Chinese medicinal materials. It must be scientifically demonstrated and scientific research.

Psychological analysis of the physical mechanics and organic chemical characteristics of a variety of wood. In addition, a moderate wood solution should be added to make the harm of wood on Chinese medicinal materials do not make the effect or cause beneficial effects of the effect of Chinese medicinal materials. Another useful benefit of wood furniture for storage of Chinese herbal medicines is that it has a certain water absorption in the natural environment, has a certain buffering effect on the natural environment, and can reduce the harm of the natural environment to traditional Chinese medicine and medicinal materials.

In the specific choice of materials, we should also pay attention to the matching of the material liberal arts sciences. Choose the specifications of the required parts. The large characteristics of solid wood boards are water absorption and wood that does not be dry through artificial services is very easy to crack.

Therefore, choosing the following wood that has been balanced to the local water content. The following wood is necessary The cabinet's reliability regulations on the specifications of furniture are very high. If the product is slightly deformation, it will eventually cause the bucket cabinet to open the difficulty and even unable to pull.

The climate conditions in different areas are different. The stipulation of water content after irritability is also different. Therefore, when manufacturing Chinese medicine cabinet furniture, the harm of various regions should also be taken into account.

It is precisely because of such strict design schemes and processing processes that the Chinese medicine cabinet has obtained universal applications in the traditional Chinese medicinal material manufacturing industry, and has presented very large convenience to the drug -winner.


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