The role of the showcase renderings

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In the current consumer market, more and more commodity marketing has gradually biased towards female marketing and children's marketing. In cosmetics, jewelry and other industries, it is directly facing female consumer groups. We also found that in the current cosmetics and jewelry industry, whether it is the type of product, the detail design, or the application style of the product sales showcase, it is generally designed by the concept of female friends.

This is because of this particularity, which requires the store owner to pay attention to the authenticity of the exhibition cabinet renderings when designing the showcase. Only in the renderings of authenticity can the shortcomings be found from it, and the place that needs to be adjusted and improved can meet the needs of female friends in physical sales. But the renderings and construction drawings are also slightly different.

In the sales of modern products, the application of the showcase is better attracting more customers, allowing customers to directly contact the goods in the place where it can be tentative, or to see the product intuitively. Therefore, a well -designed display cabinet renderings in Suzhou display cabinet can see the production cabinet production, style details. There are two drawings used in the production cabinet production: construction drawing renderings and construction drawings, of which the difference is as follows: 1.

The renderings of the showcase are relatively intuitive than the construction diagram. The arrangement and the actual installation of the store, it is easier to understand. The construction drawing is the details of the production of Suzhou showcases and the installation of showcases.

The size of each showcase, and the arrangement of the entire shop. Construction staff should be installed in strict accordance with the construction drawings when installation. 2.

The exhibition cabinet renderings do not have the exhibition cabinet construction diagram details. The renderings of the showcase are just the effect display of the store installation. The design drawings of the showcase are very finely described in size.

For example, what is the actual size of the showcase, whether there are pillars in the store, the spacing between the ceiling and the display cabinet, and the distribution of the showcase. 3. For the on -site construction staff, the construction drawings of the showcase are much greater than the effect map.

The construction staff can only be constructed and complete the installation according to the construction drawings of the showcase. It must be noted in the display cabinet project that the renderings of the showcase must be combined with the construction drawings of the showcase. The two complement each other and are indispensable.

Now the market competition incentives in the market. In order to better highlight the theme and characteristics of the product, the showcase production company will generally Grasp the literary and imaginary space reflected in the display cabinet. Whether the effect of a showcase renderings can be real from the product matching.

For female friends, if the renderings of cosmetics showcases are not well matched with the actual showcase, it is difficult to attract their consumption. From another aspect, the real showcase renderings can win the respect of customers and win the favor of customers. The real renderings can attract people's attention well and stimulate their desire to buy.

When some ethnic products use a national -style showcase, consumers will have a sense of belonging and produce a strong purchase psychology. .


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