The production details and attention of the production of jewelry counter light boxes

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The production of the jewelry counters light boxes used to be very little, because it is easier to equip light boxes with different brands and store environment. After all, it can be replaced at any time. Instead of internal structure.

However, as the display equipment and the promotional media as a jewelry store, its production is also particular about. Today, the manufacturer of Suzhou display cabinet discusses some of the emphasis on making light boxes. We know that the display screen of the jewelry counters is relatively large, especially when it appears in the public's vision as a separate part, sometimes as a corner or an corner or a boutique image decoration and exhibition.

The role is not just as simple as the light box. At this time, it has become an independent and unique landscape. The internal structure of the light box is relatively not so rigid, and usually customization is relatively simple, so the light box painting is particularly important.

When we choose or make light box paintings, we must also pay attention to some points. First of all, we must determine the themes, the objects of publicity, and the style of publicity. Make style to keep pace with the times.

In fact, there are some details in the process of making the light box. For example: the product screen of the light box must be extremely clear, and the characteristics of the product can be reflected to the fullest, so as to evoke the desire to buy the customer; just like the advertisement of Dove chocolate, it seems to be able to smell the fragrance, feel smooth, and let you let you make you smooth. Linger.

If you pass the window of Zhou Dasheng, you will definitely sigh. In the large -sized poster screen, Lin Zhiling’s image is lifelike. Now who goes to the restaurant to eat, I do n’t have to check the menu recipes first.

The kind of dishes are bright, the picture is clear, the food can be seen clearly, clean, and clear. This is the so -called visual effect. In terms of the pillar and bracket lamps of the light box, we usually pay attention to some details.

The jewelry cabinet bag pillar light box screen is generally relatively large, so the brand T8 bracket light is better selected. The bracket lights are enough; because the heat dissipation is also very large, pay attention to the heat dissipation hole. In terms of replacement, assembly, and transportation, the design and production of the light box must also pay special attention.

Be sure to ensure that the light box display screen of the jewelry counter needs to be convenient for replacement. Once there is a new product launch, or when the mall is going to do activities during a certain period of time, generally need to replace the publicity picture; so it is necessary to carefully design the fixed method of the picture to make it easier to replace. The back cabinet light box is generally smaller, you can consider inserted light boxes, or dark groove structures; the pillar light box is relatively large, you can consider the framework structure, or the door opening structure, etc.

You can use iron spray plastic process, or wooden paint technology, etc.


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