The production characteristics of solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The Chinese medicine cabinet uses quality to survive and develop with integrity. All the products are strictly controlled before the factory is out of the factory, and the solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets are processed. Wood, water, willow, camphor pine wooden plates, dehydrate and drying through the roast house, make in batches after Chen Fang, to ensure that the wood used will not be closed or durable, it is not easy to deform.

2. The drawer selection of the Chinese medicine cabinet drawer for the drawer of the drawer for different regional and requirements, and do it accordingly. The drawer is pushed freely throughout the year; , Double sides of the plate, clean and solid, keep the medicine for freshness and durability.

3. Pulling hand material pumping handle is divided into two types: "buckle style" and "handle style". The handle material is divided into two types: "copper -plated handle" and "pure copper handle".

"A type of petals imitation copper hand" and "D -type copper bats" (can customize your proprietary brand logo). 4. The paint process of the painting process of the painting process uses the overall plans and polish, which is divided into open paint and closed paint; maintaining the characteristics of the wood grain characteristics, no wood grain paper, bright colors, smooth and uniform paint surface, the texture of the texture is protruding protruding Good texture.

5. Tyrannosaurus structure Chinese medicine cabinet frames are connected with traditional tenon -and -mortise structures to supplement the glue, and the entire cabinet frame is integrated; the drawer adopts a standard slump bite design, which is tight and solid; String flavor; the bottom and back of the cabinet with 50 cm up and seal the snowboard to achieve the best effect of moisture -proof and rat. 6.

Exclusive custom Chinese medicine cabinet provides exclusive customization. The customization mainly includes: cabinet specifications: long, wide, high drawer specifications: long, wide, high -pull hand style: imitation copper handle, pure copper hand medicine cabinet material: framework framework Material, drawer material cabinet structure: overall, upper and lower body, upper and lower triads and other medicine fighting layouts: horizontal five, eight, horizontal six vertical nine, horizontal seven -eight and other paint color: mahogany color, rosewood color, log color, ivory white white Fighting score: one pump and one grid, one pump, two grids, one pumping three grids, one pumping four grids and other top cabinets: move the door to the left and right, open display, open wooden door, light box plaque decoration Chinese medicine cabinet since its establishment, " Quality is life, integrity is guarantee "is the business purpose. Adhering to the traditional style, the same style, absorb advanced craftsmanship, processed solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets are simple and elegant, beautiful and practical.



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