The picture is too beautiful and dare not watch, the design and skills of the clothing store

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The production of specialty stores is a systematic project, which is higher than a single showcase, especially the clothing showcase. From the initial design to the later production and installation, it must be considered thoughtful. If the environment does not match, then even if you change a lot of things, you will lose money.

First, the design of the clothing showcase can be considered from these three aspects: 1. First of all, it is full and reasonable to use unique space. 2.

Secondly, the practical function of completing the display of products. 3. Then the appearance is beautiful and novel, attracts attention, and at the same time give people a good impression.

Second, the production of clothing showcases requires construction drawings and accurately checking on -site to check the production of clothing showcases. In the following aspects of high cabinets, cashier tables, cashiers, and flowing tables from clothing showcases, introduce the main points of the production of clothing showcases. 1.

Clothing high cabinet: high cabinet, also known as the vertical cabinet, is a type of display cabinet. The space in the clothing showcase is generally located on the wall. There are many types of cabinet design and production styles.

Of course, it is arranged according to the different clothing products. For example, the shoe cabinet is generally a hanging board, and the men's clothing and women's clothing cabinets are generally blended with the wall of the wall, the lattice cabinet, etc. In the layout of the store, you generally need to pay attention to the ventilation port, fire door and other equipment.

2. Costume cashier: The cashier is easy to understand, but its role is not only the function of a single payment payment. At the same time, the cashier is a space collection position.

Generally, there are three layouts. It is in front of the central image wall of the store, one is the layout of multiple cash registers in different segmentation spaces; different functionality is reflected according to different layout methods, but at the same time, the cashier function, color increase function, and release function are mainly. 3.

Clothing Mid -Island Cabinet: Clothing Mid -Island Cabinet is a typical example of increasing space while increasing the display level. Nakajima cabinets are generally in the middle of the physical cabinet, similar to the same reason in the middle of "hollowing \". The content of the island cabinet in the clothing is made.

4. Flowing table: The flowing platform is generally in the space formed by the high cabinet and cash register of the store. Most of the materials are paint and stainless steel feet.

Use titanium alloy and acrylic, etc. All the above showcases, paint cannot be ignored. The painting of the paint directly affects the high -end or not of the showcase.

You should also pay attention to whether the customer's requirements are matte or light. When choosing a paint, be sure to choose a high -end big brand. At the same time, there must be skilled paint -regulating technical workers.

As the saying goes, "three -point woodworking and seven -point paint" is enough to reflect the importance of paint to the showcase. Third, the installation of clothing showcases requires mature technical work to grasp details. Because clothing showcases are one of the cores of the business, the company is equipped with skilled installation engineers.

While the display cabinet is made, they have a clear understanding of many layouts. For example How to be beautiful, how reasonable, etc., the installation will be much better than asking a construction team to install a construction team from another outside.

For relatively high -end clothing stores, experienced technical workers are very important. Because they have installed many different types of specialty store showcases, they can be more grasped in details. It can be given validity for emergencies to be reasonably effective solution.



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