The perfect combination of popular elements and display cabinet design

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

1. The colorfulism is the main body of black, white, red, and green. The design pay attention to the matching, which looks brighter.

Boldly use very bright colors to make the neutral color dominate the area, with shiny colors, so as to create a new pattern experience in the same space. Black and white are very elegant colors. Although they are two independent colors, they are very fusion.

The design highlights the theme of humanities and health. Fashion, avant -garde, independent self, distinctive personality, coldness and affinity, rationality and sensibility. What modern business display space needs is a design style that adapts to modern people's pursuit of personality without losing details, but also tracing the origin of traditional culture and humanistic connotation.

The colorful display props are getting heavier in the mainstream display methods. The use of technology, new elements, new materials, and new colors brings people a dazzling experience, so that you can feel the other side of the same thing, the real and mysterious side, from art to design works“dream world”The trend is leading to more new ideas. For example, plastic, acrylic, and aluminum products are cleverly integrated in the new space.

Large -colored blocks of orange and grass green are exaggerated and have a harmonious effect. The white display cabinet is still the main color of the showcase production. However, the color used, the white main body and the black match form a contrast gloss, emphasizing the surface of interaction and gloss.

In addition, a fresh, soft and bright grass green is also used as a new color, which works in modern display props. The main colors. Another tendency is discoloration (gray).

This year's red is not pure red, and it is necessary to be slightly purple; the same is the same, you must bring a little blue to fashion, reflect the feeling of a edge color. Popular color: (1) apple -like grass green; (2) denim -like gray -blue; (3) orange -like orange -like; (4) Purple -like light purple. 2.

After the intelligent high -tech and new technology and new materials and traditional display props collide with the intelligent high -tech, the avant -garde and bold effects are produced, such as the computer software technology of wood, metal, glass, and acrylic display props The controlled laser carvings, printing, corrosion, indentation, and hollowing out, accurately expressed the strong visual effects of the designer's wanting to express, showing“Digital high -tech”replace“Traditional processing technology”The trend. Jewelry showcase 3. The mixed cultural design elements and diversified material texture are contemporary display props brands such as jewelry display cabinets and cosmetics showcases not only design and make good -looking products, but also the beautiful story and life imagination of the brand. Experienced design masters, it can use creative display props to tease you and move you.

Consumers can use new design techniques to follow this beautiful business environment and value. New display props with traditional Oriental Technology. All in all, looking at the development of international display props, the author has refined the trend of three main design trends.

We should be soberly aware of the gap between the Chinese display props and the international display props industry. In the direction of hard work, in the next decades of the 21st century, China will further improve the design and manufacturing level of display props, so that China ’s display props design and manufacturing will be internationalized, and it will truly become a strong country in the world showcase.


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