The perfect combination of jewelry showcase design and popular elements

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Mixed cultural design elements and diversified material texture are contemporary display props brands not only design and make good -looking products, but also make good stories and life imagination of the brand. Experienced design masters, it can use creative display cabinets to tease you and move you. Consumers can use new design techniques to complete the combination of Western modern technology because they want to follow this beautiful business environment and value.

New display props with traditional Oriental Technology. The design of the jewelry display cabinet jewelry showcase, more attention to highlight the visibility, visibility, obviousness, and breakthrough of the conventional composition design of the texture and texture of different materials. Through different advanced processing technology and coating process, it emphasizes the texture beauty of different materials.

Transparent is still the theme. Whether it is the front of the jewelry display cabinet or the displayed countertop, the decorative glass that is specially processed is used. The colorful transparent and translucent plastic has become a popular new material in the design of the display props.

A variety of carbonate gathered polygi, PVC, and rotating molds are the latest materials. In previous years ) Also popular. Natural vines and artificial vines are relatively beautiful and technological materials.

Another natural wind continues to have a fever. In the design of traditional wood jewelry showcases, there are also high -quality artistic creation performance. In terms of materials The combined design of stainless steel and glass also tries to break through and innovate.

The weaving lines are more delicate than before, and the texture is more requirements. It reflects the unique material design style and represents the trend of future jewelry showcase design development. The jewelry showcases and Trendingtowardnature are mainly manifested as the closer relationship between decoration and design than before.

The decoration of many display props turned into the main part of a jewelry showcase design. Sometimes it is even it. The most essential theme.

There is no doubt that the natural trend and all its elements are the main sources of modern display props product design. Use flowers, leaves and other patterns, as well as natural elements, using these elements and patterns, trying to find a kind of type Very flexible display prop style. In display props or business display design: the theme of streamlined, arcs, especially trees, leaves and flowers.

Now for designers, they give the display props“Imitation of biology”(BiologicalMimicry) The decorative texture effect, and it constitutes the temptation and charm of a poem to show a poem to display props. It is manifested as the attachment and performance of emotions in various jewelry showcases. The application of emotional elements in the design of jewelry showcases has attracted people's attention, and it is also reflected in its decorative expression methods.

Naturally curly lines and flower pattern decoration continue to be popular. The most popular this year is the fine pattern of plant -shaped shape. Standardization, flexibility, and modularization (StandardizationModule) are manifested as a jewelry showcase design more focused on standardization, modular design, personalization, and flexible manufacturing.

Formation of diversity and flexible display props to meet people's more personalized needs. Looking at the development of international display props, we should be soberly aware of the gap between China's display props and international display props industry. China ’s development prospects and efforts of the props industry.

In the next decades of the 21st century, China will further improve the design and manufacturing level of jewelry showcases, so that China's jewelry showcase design and manufacturing will become internationalized. Proper manufacturing strong country. .


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