The museum showcase is a museum for exhibitions and preserved cultural relics

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The museum showcase is a museum for exhibitions and preservation of cultural relics. Its performance must meet the requirements of cultural relics exhibitions and protection: 1. The shape and size of the museum showcase must meet the requirements.

; The workmanship must be fine, the appearance is flawless, each gap and lines should be flat and well -proportioned. 2. The materials used in museum showcases should be environmentally friendly materials and provide relevant test reports to avoid contamination damage to cultural relics.

3. The display space of the museum showcase should be completely closed structure to prevent pollution particles from entering the display space to ensure the constant environment of the cultural relic display space. 4.

In order to ensure the safety of cultural relics, the locks used by the museum showcases should have a certain anti -theft, and the key should be configured according to the requirements of management and use. 5. Museum showcases should use high -white high -transparent glass with mezzanine.

The glass surface should not have scratches. It can withstand the impact of about 50kg. Even after the glass is broken To reach more than 90%, the most authentic color show of the cultural relics is now in front of the audience.

The above is some factors that need to pay attention to the cultural relic showcase. If you have any good suggestions, please leave a message. Let's analyze and discuss such things together.

With the stability of the surrounding environment of the times, the museum showcase has been quickly updated. Being able to load large cultural relics and can customize museum showcases appear on the market. Compared with the previous generation museum showcase, this kind of cultural relic showcase has won qualitatively, especially in physical protection.

However, due to the instability of the temperate glass of the tension glass, the self -explosion of the tempered glass occurred, and the incident occurred in the cultural expo at that time caused a shock, and then pushed the museum showcase again. The emergence of double -layer temperament with glue glass solves the problem of self -explosion glass. With the progress of the times, more and more people recognize the value of cultural relics, and the requirements for the protection of cultural relics are becoming more and more stringent.

On this basis, the museum showcase has been developed again. Lighting, wood, metal materials, and the use of these materials have certain requirements and regulations. In order to better protect the cultural relics, the constant temperature and humidity system is installed from the environment from the environment.

It is protected by cultural relics. In order to protect the cultural relics from interference from the outside, the shockproof system and an automatic alarm system. The installation of the automatic system greatly reduces the workload of museum staff.



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