The material selection technique of making wood for display cabinets

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The main materials of woodworking in commercial counter and showcases are inseparable from the main materials for woodworking: fine woodwork, multi -layer board, integrated board, high -density board, panel and other plates. Explanation: Fine woodworking board: The moisture -proof effect is good. In the middle of the fine woodworking board is a core sticking to the natural wooden strip, and the thin wooden skin on both sides is one of the most important materials in the display cabinet.

You can use the facade structure and wooden door and shape structure of the showcase. When choosing, it depends on its internal wood, it should not be too broken. The gap between the gap between the wood is about 3mm of the woodworking board.

Because the wood grain exposed on the surface is not beautiful, it cannot be sprayed directly. Usually, according to the requirements of the showcase style, a high density board or the surface of the surface of the wood grain. After using the density plates, such as the density board, the painting or the fireproof board should be used to achieve a good display effect.

Jewelry display cabinet integrated board: It is not easy to deform. This is a new solid wood material. It is processed by high -quality imported large -diameter logs.

Due to the different crafts, the environmental performance of this board is superior, and it is 1/8 of the fine -grained amount of formaldehyde -containing amount. On the other hand, this kind of plate made of solid wood such as the United States can directly color and paint directly, which is more than a fine -grained board. Mid -density board: The better flatness and the medium density board is formed after being suppressed with wood powder -shaped wood chips.

The flatness is better, but the tidal resistance is poor. In contrast, the grip of the density board is poor, and the screw is easy to loosen after the screw rotation. Because the strength of the density board is not high, it is difficult to fix it.

Therefore, it is rarely used for the structure of the cabinet. Jewelry showcase decorative three grasses: rich wood texture, also called three splints and three -in -three plates. The number of layers is different.

Its advantages and disadvantages are mainly dependent on raw materials and woody varieties such as maples. In order, this material is often used in the production of the showcase to be used for open paint treatment, which is more high -end and luxurious. The use of wood grain effect in the display cabinet is mainly used.

Posted on the three splints. The three splints are easy to use, and the price is moderate. .


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