The main points of the design of cosmetics showcases

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This article tells the main points of the design of cosmetics showcases for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Cosmetics showcase is a relatively high -end showcase, which is used to display all kinds of delicate cosmetics.

This exhibition cabinet has beautiful lines, elegant appearance, strong decorative, and the style of the products displayed to show the unique charm. The design and production of this showcase is more exquisite. As a profiteering industry, merchants will spend a lot of money on the design of the showcase to attract customers as much as possible.

When designing cosmetics showcases, you need to take many factors twice, such as the matching of style, the layout of the space, the use of lighting, etc. The materials selected by the showcase are relatively better. It is arranged in major shopping malls or specialized stores.

Various colors have strict requirements. The brand's logo design is better to facilitate customer memory. The overall design of the showcase should reflect the characteristics, which is different from other brands in the industry.

Come on. The main points of design of cosmetics showcases 1. The styling design cosmetics showcases The special exhibits need to reflect artistic beauty.

Through the artistic shape of personality, the showcase will make the showcase a artistic work, showing beauty, coupled with novel display methods, visually given visually Customer attractiveness. Customers usually pursue the aesthetics and coordination of the product, so when the showcase is designed, you can design some small decorations around the product to set off the artistic beauty of the product. 2.

The variety shows that when buying cosmetics, customers will definitely pick and pick them up. If there are too few products, the first impression is not very good. The same cosmetics have no skin types, so when designing the showcase, it is better to fully display the variety of the series in this area to increase the choice.

3. Layout design Cosmetics compared with other products, it needs to highlight the characteristics of the product, show its own sense of existence, and use a variety of products to be placed in the same place in the showcase. The height of the display cabinet display should be appropriate, easy.

4. Explain that when designing customers to buy cosmetics, it will compare the descriptions of various categories, such as prices, brands, and efficacy. When designing, the showcase should design different styles of design, such as whitening areas, natural product areas, etc.

, And indicate detailed explanation information, at a glance, let customers understand the display products in an all -round way, so as to buy the appropriate product. The size of the cosmetics design of the cosmetics showcase is customized and not fixed. It is mainly determined by the structure, material nature, and process of cosmetics, space, salesperson, and the exhibition cabinet.

According to the height, this kind of display cabinet is divided into high cabinets and low cabinets. High cabinets are generally placed on the wall or independently. The upper part is a cabinet, and the lower part becomes a base or leg.

The size is generally 800*1800*1900/2200mm. 800mm; the low cabinet is divided into single -slope, double slopes and flat surface, and small size usually has 700*1400*1300mm. The large ones are about 1300*1800*1500mm.

1000mm. The size of the cosmetics showcase also needs to consider the size of the channel. In order to ensure the normal flow of the people, to prevent crowds and squeezing, and touching the cosmetics.

The size of the cosmetics showcases of the environment should be greater than 3 people flowing. .


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