The low -carbon road of display cabinet companies?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Low -carbon is a kind of life attitude and a social responsibility. In recent years, low -carbon showcases have become the basic demands of consumers. Many showcase companies have also realized that only enterprises can only be adjusted by the industry structure of the showcase only when they truly realize low -carbon.

However, many showcase companies still feel at a loss on the road of low -carbon development. So how should we plan the low -carbon road of the showcase? Innovation is the highlight: From the beginning, the showcase industry has been calling for innovation. Throughout the development process of the showcase industry, we did see a lot of innovation, but these are basically innovative in style design and style.

With the arrival of the low -carbon economy, the showcase industry must innovate through more channels to adapt to the trend of future industrial development. The raw materials can be tried to innovate, so that a variety of materials are integrated, and solid wood, metal, plastic, glass, fiber, etc. to reduce the cutting cycle of solid wood materials and expand the green area of ​​greening.

The process can try innovation, and improve the processing efficiency and per capita output value by improving the technical content of processing equipment. Energy -saving is the goal: another level of low -carbon home is the savings of energy. At present, the industrial processing is not in -depth, the management is relatively extensive, and the capacity benefits need to be improved.

The first material of the showcase industry is wood. In response to the current situation, deep processing of the showcase should be performed to accelerate the improvement of the process. Only in this way can we add bricks to the goal of low -carbon life.

Environmental protection is the prerequisite: the topic of environmental protection is familiar in the exhibition cabinet industry, but it is really good and few. In the reports of the carcinogens issued by the QA Department and the Public Health Bureau of Health and Public Health, the formaldehyde is included in a type of carcinogenic substances. Similarly, the International Cancer Research Agency (IARC) has risen formaldehyde into the first type of carcinogen in 2005.

This conclusion is after 28 scientists from 12 countries evaluated the existing carcinogenic evidence of formaldehyde. The expert group believes that there is sufficient evidence to prove that formaldehyde causes human nasopharyngeal cancer, nasal cancer and sinus cancer, and has evidence to prove that formaldehyde can cause leukemia. Consumers need a healthy and environmentally friendly showcase to guarantee life, but what is the material of healthy and environmentally friendly showcases and health showcases should be an environmentally friendly material.

It has the characteristics of natural degradation, not polluting the environment and recycling. Energy -saving, environmentally friendly, high -tech new materials. From the selection of the raw materials of the showcase to the improvement of processing technology, to the management of the production system, it must be implemented in place.

The exhibition cabinet must be done well in order to say that we have entered the threshold of low -carbon life. 低碳业内专家指出,面对展柜产业格局的发展变化时,展柜企业必须用心发现消费者需求,脚踏实地为消费者服务,从展柜产品的本质出发,大力倡导低碳展柜,倡导低碳生活,低Carbon business environment.


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