The key to enhancing the display of the jewelry showcase

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Many people think that after the jewelry showcase is made, isn't the overall counter placed there is a three -dimensional feeling? On the surface, this statement is also identified, but the three -dimensional sense of the actual jewelry showcase is not only the exterior form of the real item, but the three -dimensional three -dimensional formation of a certain difference in different directions that choose a certain different direction. The atmosphere and shock feeling are just like the difference between 3D movies and 4D movies. People who have watched will understand the gap.

So, how to enhance the three -dimensional sense of the display of jewelry showcases? First of all, I want to talk to you about the common lights needed in the design and production of the showcase. At present, we usually say that the lights of lights have 5 directions. They are top light, side light, surface light, backlight and bottom light.

The top light is generally the light of the three -dimensional sense of the upper and lower direction. The lighting objects are small and the light and dark contrast are strong. The side light is the light of the left and right yin and yang surface.

The projection of light objects is clear, the three -dimensional sense is strong, and the level is rich. It is a more easily accepted way of light; the face light is a 45 ¡ã light of the basic lighting. The projection is plain, the color of the light object is complete ; The role of backlight is the light that separates the product from the background.

The lighting from the rear, the outer contour of the light objects is clear, and the artistic charm has a silhouette effect. The effect as a subsidy, the lighting from the bottom up, should be auxiliary to match the light. Gold, pearls, etc.

that rely on reflecting light jewelry, pay attention to the direction of light incident, so that the reflected "flash dots" stimulate customers' eyes; emerald, crystal, etc. pay attention to light transmitting texture. So if you want to enhance the three -dimensional sense of the jewelry showcase, it is the key to choose the light and make reasonable comprehensive use.

Specifically, according to the layout of the exhibits and space, especially the application of backlight is very important. There are always backlights in the light color design abroad. %Of the irradiation forms a three -dimensional sculpture sense.

However, this is also tightly a reference basis. We still have to equip specific areas, specific spaces, and specific environments to equip specific effects to achieve the purpose of enhancing the three -dimensional sense of jewelry showcase. The introduction of how to enhance the display of jewelry showcases is here.


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