The key factor of 65%of the manufacturer design cultural relic show cabinet design

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

In addition to the exhibition itself, more and more large enterprises have regarded the exhibition as a good place for public relations activities. During the exhibition period, various meetings, seminars, plays, or enrollment activities were held at the same time. During the exhibition, the audience was large and concentrated.

These activities and exhibitions were held at the same time. On the other hand, new requirements are put forward on the construction of the showcase. In the final analysis, the attitude of enterprises to the exhibition depends on whether it is economically cost -effective.

Therefore, while ensuring the effect, it is necessary to count the economic accounts, use the new type of heavy -duty display cabinet information as much as possible, carefully study the design plan, and reduce unnecessary expenses. In a word, for companies, of course, it is best to spend less money to do more. But this is something that is easy to do, it is difficult to do.

Need to design and build personnel with imaginativeness, invention and flexibility. Museum showcase Museum Museum Cultural Relics Show Cabinet Painting Cabinet Exhibition I can see that the company pays more and more attention to the image. The design of the showcase should reflect and strengthen the corporate image.

Each exhibition is both the competition and the image of the exhibition. Therefore, the exhibition cabinet must master these two points. It must not only set out the characteristics of the exhibits, but also show the unique charm of the enterprise.

The image of the showcase in the exhibition directly affects the impression of the crowd to the enterprise, so the importance of display the display cabinet from the side. Reflecting corporate spirit. The exhibition is no longer to sell sales and sell goods.

It should no longer display individual products in isolation. Instead, the product as a carrier will display the company's overall, capable, and grade through comprehensive means. In addition to the introduction and sales of the product itself, these methods also include extensive information transmission, exchange, advertising, public relations and consultation, etc.

While the audience solves the product, it also deepen the impression of the enterprise at a certain level. Focus on this center, so when the design and construction of the showcase. Do the following points: make full use of various possible elements, such as the formation of the showcase, data, audio, light, color and other decoration supplies, from time to time to give the audience fresh, soothe their curiosity, and make him interested in the showcase.

Then there is a desire to talk to the exhibitor. The design of the showcase should emphasize personality, and at the same time, it is easy to talk to the space and atmosphere. If people can make people feel "unique" and as if they are in the city, then the use of the facilities of the showcase should also help the use of the facilities of the showcase.

Enhance the persuasiveness of the content of the staff, so that the customer’s instant feelings can be confirmed and strengthened repeatedly in the limited space -time, laying the foundation for the connection after the exhibition. The design of the showcase also considers other events planned by the enterprise plan during the exhibition.


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