The innovative direction of the design of jewelery showcases in 2017

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In addition to a few large jewelry brand companies in the jewelry showcase, most jewelry manufacturers and dealers generally purchase jewelry showcases. For a long time, there are no special jewelry showcase manufacturers, jewelry showcases and furniture production. The production of drawings is produced, but the positioning and personality of the jewelry counters and the effect of the designer's requirements cannot be reached.

There are also some exquisite and beautiful jewelry counters on the market. The materials are sheet metal and fancy. Generally, as ordinary jewelry, silver jewelry sales counter.

This type of jewelry box is average, but its appearance is good, but it is not practical. The low price and positioning may also be incompatible with most jewelry on the market. There are also some simple paint counters.

The counter is easy to deform for a long time, but it is generally not easy to split, and the volume is large. It is difficult to achieve some creativity. Stainless steel jewelry showcases are currently in the innovative direction of the design of jewelry showcases: 1.

Raw material use and joint method. First of all, once considering recycling and degradation, stainless steel and copper must be the best. E -Class stainless steel resistant air, steam, water and other weak corrosive media or stainless steel species.

Of course, the new environmental protection materials are also suitable for jewelry showcases. The use of such materials may be more prominent in the sense of times and the sense of technology. In terms of the joint method, the most effort is to use harmless welding, which may be more ingenious.

Perhaps those old methods that are about to lose. These pure physical connection methods are always amazingly amazing the wisdom of their ancestors, and add exquisiteness than simple wooden or medium -fiber plates, which will help display the quality of the jewelry brand itself. High -end stainless steel jewelry showcases 2.

Culture inner and user emotional experience. Well -known jewelry dealers are always willing to connect the brand with historical and cultural to enhance the brand's value and attractiveness, for example, Van Cleef & Arpels“love”and“desire”Essence At present, there are also many jewelry counters with theme cultural characteristics on the market, such as the brand of Shin Kong“Suicide”The main Oriental style. The cultural theme of jewelry can also be reflected in the jewelry showcase to achieve the purpose of consistent style, which can enhance the brand's visual impression, and more thoroughly convey the internal culture.

Natural jade gold beads have a natural aura, so when you purchase, give away, and wear jewelry, you generally use this to convey the beautiful meaning of jewelry. The design of innovative jewelry showcases can assist in promoting the expression of this beautiful friendship and retain the beauty in the days. The advertising blockbuster of fashion magazines always loves natural gems back to the natural environment to shoot.

Adk jewelry showcase 3. Function can continue to expand. The traditional jewelry display cabinets are connected at the counter and back cabinet.

Generally, it is formed at one time. It cannot be changed to the format. LED lights can be adjusted.

In 2016, new products lights can be remotely adjust the brightness of the light. According to the customer's brand promotion and new products, it is suitable for lighting. This article comes from http://www. reprinting, please indicate the source.


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