The importance of cosmetics display cabinet lighting design

Author:DG Master-Showcases manufacturer

The lighting design can enhance the beauty of the cosmetics display cabinet. From more angle to display cosmetics, it can attract the attention of customers and set out a better display environment. Therefore, lighting is one of the important tools for the design of cosmetics display cabinets.

The use of lighting is an overall system project, which should be analyzed from three aspects: brand style, decoration technology and the structure of the store itself. What to focus on here is that the role of light is not just to illuminate a certain space so simple, but more importantly, it is necessary to highlight the cosmetics itself and display the atmosphere. Therefore, the type and expected effect of cosmetics are the elements that designers must first consider.

Cosmetic showcases are specific to the application level, and the lighting plays the following three types of role: 1. Basic lighting: Basic lighting is mainly to extend the light in the overall cosmetics store, and at the same time keep the color tone of the store uniform, so as to ensure the basic lighting in the specialty store. Among them, the main use models include embedded type and direct top -sucking.

2. Key lighting: For popular models and main model products, the key lighting of the application is very important. The key lighting can not only make the product a three -dimensional feeling, but also the strong contrast of light and shadow is also conducive to highlighting the characteristics of the product.

Of course, key lighting can also be used on the window, logo, brand spokesperson, and cosmetics showcases to enhance the brand's unique effect. As for the equipment, the commonly used equipment is mainly shooting lights and wall lamps. 3.

Auxiliary lighting: The main role of auxiliary lighting is to highlight the color level in the store, rendering the colorful atmosphere and visual effects, and the auxiliary to enhance the attractiveness and appeal of the product. Among them, there are many use of lighting equipment, so I won't be cumulative here. Of course, in addition to the artificial light source, the natural light that changes over time, the quality of the light mapped on the surface of the product, the quality of the emission emitted from the surface of the object, the obvious color and color reproduction rate of the light itself are also very important.

Therefore, only after the system considers the various effects produced by the light, the various light sources are adjusted and applied to ensure that the light is always rendering the atmosphere of the cosmetics display cabinet, highlighting the effect of displaying goods and enhancing display.Say“People rely on clothes, horses and saddles”No matter how good the products are, they need to be displayed. The modern market is no longer“Jiu Xiang is not afraid of deep alleys”In the past, customers pay attention to experience and applicability.

Advertising and publicity can attract customers, but in the end, they are sold in the terminal. Therefore, lighting design is the best and most effective way to set off products.


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