The historical development process of museum showcases

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The historical development process of museum showcases Museum Museum, with the development of history and the advancement of science and technology, whether it is the effect of art exhibitions or the management level of the museum, there is excellent development and change. As the museum on the most closer to exhibition products, as the footsteps of history are changing and developing. With our understanding of exhibition products and the development of current technology, the function of museum showcases has a rapid leap, and museum showcases are no longer the counter that used to play a role in isolation and protection.

The current museum showcases must not only protect exhibition products from being stolen by outsiders, but also protect the exhibition products from the natural environment. This makes the museum showcase more modern anti -theft technology and exhibits for natural protection techniques for nature. Museum showcase picture renderings facing the increasingly high -tech thieves in the face of the crime method.

As a protective barrier to protect the exhibition, the museum showcase requires the most advanced and safest anti -theft system. In the past, the display cabinet was only composed of simple wooden bells and glass. Not only was fragile and easy to collapse, but there was no anti -theft ability.

As long as there was a hammer, you could grab the exhibition product. Later, people invented the strengthening glass and made progress in anti -theft, but the new technology has also been invented. As long as you use technology products, you can easily cut the reinforced glass.

Now, the most advanced display cabinets are installed with infrared anti -theft systems, vibration anti -theft systems and video anti -theft systems. When entering the museum, you can be photographed by the video surveillance system internally and outside. It will also trigger the infrared alarm when it is close to the museum showcase, which attracts the attention of the staff.

Even if the stealing technology is good, it will make the exhibition slightly vibrate when it is stolen. The alarm sound is also caught by the staff who will be rushed soon. In the past, we have always had a big problem with the preservation of exhibition products.

It is often damaged in the museum display cabinet. It was that we were not aware of the protection of exhibits before. Now we use the materials and materials and materials of museum showcases and materials and museum showcase materials and materials and materials and materials and materials and materials and materials of museums.

The double barrier of technology enables exhibition products to be preserved in the safest environment, avoiding harm. Therefore, the materials used in the current showcases are tested or chemically analyzed. Only when the standards meet the standards, the materials that will not cause damage to the exhibit can be used for museum showcases.

At the same time, there are strict requirements for the temperature and humidity, sealing performance, and light in the showcase.


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