The four major elements of men's clothing brand store decoration design

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Business men's clothing stores should be mainly based on rough lines and deep colors. Just create a neat and bright display environment in the decoration, you don’t have to do too much, the excess decoration content that will disperse the attention of customers. The selection of the clothing display cabinet on the decoration must reflect the highlights and characteristics.

Not only must it have a good visual effect, but also to create a grade. The following is the four key points of the business decoration of the business men's clothing store: men's display cabinet first, lighting. The lights are not only used by lighting, but the matching is properly highlighting the beauty of the clothing.

Lights generally include: white daylight, warm light, blue or other decorative colors. The main use of the shooting lights used by business men's clothing should be mainly white and cold, so that high -end quality effects can be obtained. In terms of specific operations, white light should be placed on the highest layer of the top floor, and other decorative colors are best to come out if it is placed on the lower or corner.

Regarding the arrangement of the spotlight, it is best to do too much every 1.2 meters, especially the light placed on the clothes. It is not good to come out at night.

It is equivalent to the spotlight and use it in vain. Although this investment is not small, the effect is significant, so it cannot be ignored. Second, door head.

The door is like a business card. The body and size of the door must be combined with the facade. The appearance of the facade basically determines your style positioning, and the choice of font basically determines your grade.

Business men's clothing should be simple, tidy, generous, font color and background color should be clearly contrast. The main choices are classic colors such as black, white, etc., avoid warm colors such as red, yellow, green.

Make full use of resources to impress customers. Clothing display cabinet third, dead corner. Treatment of dead angles, maybe everyone did not find or never thought of it at all.

Dead corner. It is some corners of the store, it is not easy to handle, and there is no way to change the room structure. To move the dead angle is the best way to make your store look coordinated and space enlargement.

How to make the dead angle survive? This is to start your own brain, putting some jewelry or shoes on the dead corner as a good way. For example, a business men's clothing can put the matching leather shoes, or the simplest way is to put some shooting lights to glow for the dead ends. This can make reasonable use of resources.

Fourth, color tone. The color tone is to match the style of the clothes, and it must be attractive to the potential people. It is best not to exceed three subject color, otherwise the effect will not be too beautiful.

The most important thing is to have a certain connection with your type of business style and other styles. Commercial men's clothing needs to use cold colors, such as black, purple, dark blue, etc., do not use some warm colors such as big red and rhubarb.

Of course, you also need to cooperate with the corresponding light so that you can reflect the taste and charm of business men's clothing. At the same time, the hue of the men's display cabinet must be the effect of setting off clothing. If it is unique with the brand image, it will fail.

This is the focus of the decoration of business men's clothing stores. Commercial space designers need to pay attention to: because of the differences in various factors, each store is different; it is not necessary to learn from some picture examples. Inspired, let your store distract, and reflect your own characteristics.


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