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The decoration design of the store is critical to the decoration of the facade. The volume of commercial stores is large, and there are many types and types of business services. Due to the differences in the environment in the city, the scale and facilities are different.

Therefore, it is impossible to specify a unified standard for the design of the store decoration and the specific requirements of the showcase. Although in conventional store design, modern style is generally used as the mainstream of shop decoration. Most of the modern style shop decoration appears in simple and bright forms.

There are no extra decoration. Most of the materials of the shop showcases are aluminum -plastic, stainless steel, glass, marble, etc. Dominate.

However, after these shops are decorated, they always give people a sense of uniformity. So can it design a unique shop decoration style? When designing the showcase, you must first consider the products to be operated. The goods can play a certain mutual relationship with the decoration of the store.

To let people's attention, you know that this is a specialized store, such as McDonald's shop decoration. Whether from the store's store The appearance decoration, or the interior decoration of the store, allows people to see at a glance that it is a shop for fast food. It is not luxurious from the materials used in decoration.

The color combination effect is used to attract consumers, so there is no fixed law in the form of shop decoration. It is necessary to fully grasp and use the close relationship between the product exhibition cabinet. Eye -eye shop.

The color treatment of the store decoration plays an important role in the shape effect of the perfect storefront. The contrast and harmony of color should be used to achieve the artistic characteristics of strengthening the shape, enriching the effect of shape, and creating ideal visual charm. Under normal circumstances, the color tone of the Suzhou showcase should be highly clever and warm, and prominent components or key parts can be based on their shape characteristics and the need to reflect the decorative atmosphere of the commercial building.

In order to highlight the identification of the store, the cards of the store, the label pattern, and the logo can also use high purity and bright colors to give people a striking display. Population and window are the key parts of the store. The location, size and layout method shall be determined according to the plane form, location environment, and store width of the store.

The location of the store and the window, the location of the plaque, advertisement, logo, and store logo is appropriate and obviously recognized and guided. The design of the showcase should be interacting with the store. Whether it is color brightness or the display of the showcase, it is necessary to facilitate the visit of the customer and it must be conducive to the customer's trial to visit.

Just as good things need to be placed in a good box, the showcase not only shows the beauty of the product, but also the value that can be reflected.


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