The five major functions of Suzhou showcases are reflected in

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The design of the showcase is a special attention style innovation, the appearance is unique or different. Naturally, every year, we must design a new showcase that attracts the audience's eyesight, but the style designed by the showcase must be done according to different popular trends every year. In the past, it was designed according to the style of the audience.

However, the Suzhou showcase designed this year must follow the trend of this year. The display cabinet is a display prop, and it is also a powerful tool for advertising for advertising for different products in business fields for business fields. It is the main carrier of the product.

Especially in the business field, the functional function of the showcase is extremely important. The following will describe the main aspects of the display cabinet function: 1. The function of convenient product display is average.

Our products will be divided into many types, such as Some of the products we are selling at the same time in Suzhou showcases are relatively high in price, relatively high quality, and some are relatively low prices and ordinary quality. At this time, we have the display function of the showcase. The display of display is much more convenient, and it also makes customers see it at a glance when watching it.

Customers also easily and quickly see their favorite products, leave a beautiful impression on customers and audiences, and provide customers with an order quickly to provide customers with orders. Strong help. 2.

The function of strengthening the atmosphere of relaxed and comfortable shopping malls. Nowadays, customers like to spend some special leisure and birch pleasure. Due to the continuous acceleration of the pace of modern life, the pressure and burden of life are also It is very depressing.

At this time, many customers take this opportunity to go to the mall to hang out, especially women. When they arrive at the mall, they will first look at the cosmetics and full products of cosmetics. The first feeling to give women is beauty, generosity, nobleness, and elegance.

Naturally to strengthen the atmosphere through cosmetics showcases, they can naturally and strongly attract women customers to enter the shop to watch the goods. When women are watching the product, they feel that they feel easily physically and mentally. , Pleasant.

When the pressure in work, family, and life is suddenly thrown out of Jiu Naoyun, many female friends will have a strong desire to buy cosmetics. Therefore, the relaxed and comfortable mall atmosphere can greatly increase customer transaction volume. Third, the function of establishing a product brand, as soon as we walk into the mall, we will see that the LOGO of the showcases in all walks of life in the shopping mall will have a very popular logo on the left corner of the show.

If you come to buy a product, you will look at the brand in the upper left corner of the showcase, and then watch the product. If the customer sees it, you will place an order directly and buy it. It is practical and the price is relatively reasonable.

At this time, this brand will be more deeply in mind in your heart. When you need it, you will not help buying the goods again when you need it. Over time, the brand's brand will be established in the minds of customers.

Fourth, the display function of the display function showcase is one of the important functions of attracting customers' eyeballs. The main reason is that the eyeballs of the customer can be attracted, and it will come over to watch the product, and then the product uses the display function of the showcase to beautify the display function of the showcase. The effect of decoration, increase the attractiveness and value of the product, and indirectly increase the volume and sales of the product.

5. In addition to the convenience of the product display for the free product display for the product, it also plays a role in advertising for the goods. The showcase has the color configuration of the appearance according to different people's preferences for color, and then uses the aura effect of the light.

The two cooperate with each other to show the beautiful image, to achieve the effect of an advertising promotion effect to attract customers. Usually customers come to consumption by seeing this effect, saving a lot of advertising money costs for merchants. .


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