The experience of leather goods showcase design and store layout

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Those who have done the design of the showcase must know that the overall effect of many stores and the end of the public and give people a different psychological feeling mainly depends on the advantages and disadvantages of space design and interior design. This article shows what common elements need to pay attention to during the design process of lower leather goods stores and showcases? In fact, the design of leather goods shops and exhibition halls must also be from the overall space layout, space dynamic streamline analysis, overall cultural expression, material selection , Color treatment, lighting, display cabinet shape selection, etc. to achieve the effect of creating a distinctive high -end leather goods shop.

Today, Jiuyuanfang Show Cabinet will talk to you about these elements and the role they play in the process of the showcase. First of all, from the perspective of the overall space layout, the design of leather shops and counters often needs to be planned according to the actual store conditions. What kind of style is ready to design, grade.

There are a few spaces, what are the functions of these spaces. It is necessary to deal with the area distribution of various functions and functions of the leather goods hall in the overall space. Therefore.

Secondly, the analysis of elemental space dynamic streaming line refers to the layout and spatial guidance design of the leather show cabinet to meet the basic requirements of receiving customers and the convenience of purchasing attributes of customers, and express the aesthetic taste and artistic value of leather shop space. The layout of leather goods showcases needs to meet the comfort and stretch of customer activity space. Consider the convenience and safety of various channel space size.

The separation of the service channel and the guest channel will reduce the quality of the service. Good design will separate the customer and service channels separately. In addition, the expression of the brand culture of leather goods store is also a very important factor.

While purchasing, customers are also easy to make people relax and gain the beauty of culture and art. Leather shop space design can be used to create a variety of historical culture, ethnic country culture and other elements to create a cultural atmosphere, multi -angle and multi -view to dig out the connotation of different cultural styles, find inspiration to make breakthroughs in design breakthroughs. An environment with a good cultural taste will infect customers' improvisation to a large extent.

Unique space often attracts customers to enter the store consumption. After that, the elements are also very important in the choice of the showcase and space materials and color processing. This can have a certain visual contagion to a certain extent, so that its mind can achieve a shocking effect, so that customers will impress the overall image of the store.



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