The exhibition and collection of museum showcases

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In order to keep the collections in the exhibition hall stored in other categories, put them in an orderly manner, and manage scientifically and standardized. Various cultural relic display cabinets have become the basic and indispensable equipment in each museum warehouse. Over the years, each museum has been designed and produced more or less based on the many collections and characteristics of this museum, or has purchased various cultural relic display cabinets in batches, and has obtained some experience and experience through many years of use.

lesson. This article tries to start from the work practice in recent years, and talk about some of the shallow understanding of the design and production of display cabinets. The design and production of the display cabinet is different from the design and production of general items cabinets.

This is determined by the different nature of the items carried by the display cabinet. The "Regulations on the Work of Museums of the Provincial, Municipal, and Autonomous Regions" promulgated by the State Administration of Cultural Relics clearly states: "Museum collection is a national precious scientific and cultural property", "the museum has the responsibility for scientific management, protection, research and provision of collections," This indicates that we are the nature of the storage work -the nature of the collection, and this nature determines that all the work of our museum will be carried out around the scientific management, protection, research and use of the collection of collections. As a showcase of the basic equipment of the museum warehouse, the principle of its design and production must also be compatible with the nature of the collection.

First of all, the design and production of the showcase should be based on the safety protection of the collection. The collection of museums is a national treasured scientific and cultural property, a physical testimony of the development of human society, and a cultural relic with historical value, scientific value and artistic value. ,lasting.

As a long -term display cabinet displayed after the collection of collections, the materials, styles and manufacturing processes adopted must be based on the principle of being able to ensure the safety of the long -term storage of the collections. Secondly, the design and production of the cultural relic show cabinet should be convenient for the retreat of the collection. Collection is the material basis of all business activities of the museum.

The purpose of collecting is not only to make these valuable cultural wealth preserve Wan Dynasty permanently. Our museum workers also have the responsibility to use these collections to make them on the display. The role of socialist spiritual civilization plays a role, so that the people of the general public can be educated from it, and the cultivation is improved.

Therefore, the design and production of the cultural relic show cabinet should take into account the use of collections, and the principle of convenience should be used. Third, the design and production of the showcase should conform to the scientific management of collections. As a science, management has penetrated into various industries in contemporary society, and the scientific management of museum collections has also been mentioned for many years.

So, as a museum showcase for the basic equipment of the exhibition hall, it should also be based on its design and production. Specifications are the foundation of scientific management, norms are the guarantee of improving benefits, and specifications also make the warehouse from messy to orderly. .


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