The elements of the exhibition design of cosmetics showcases

Author:DG Master-Showcases manufacturer

At some large -scale cosmetics exhibitions or venues, some exhibitors often share the small display space, plus the lack of lighting or lighting, adding great difficulty to the design of cosmetics showcases. How to use existing unfavorable conditions to achieve better display effects? The following methods can be used: 1. Small standards are used in booth styling design.

In a smaller display space, you must not make the booth shape and display props too large, but should be coordinated with the standard of display space. In terms of standard selection, the basis of the above body standards should be cordial and pleasant. 2.

The exhibition hall environment can be combined with overall photos and local photos. For example, the exhibition hall is short, and the grille lamps can be installed on the ceiling, rowed into line or square mesh. Or use slot lighting to illuminate the top shed.

You can also use a direct tube fluorescent light to make a large area of ​​glowing ceiling. Can be used for advanced ones“Greeting”Lighting technology makes the ceiling, walls, and ground of the entire venue light up. In addition, at the back and bottom of the cosmetics showcase, the lower part of the showcase is also equipped with a direct tube fluorescent lamp or neon light.

In this way, the cosmetics showcase will feel broad and tall, changing the original depression and boring feeling. Cosmetics showcases 3. Space interface and display channel should be selected for white or light colors.

The white and light color is used on the surface of the wall shed or props and the appearance of the partition, which will increase the broad sense of the space. With deep colors, it will make people feel a small space and sullen mood. 4.

To make the booth“Bright”Get up, you can use a light box structure. Adopt the K8 system (octagonal booster) or three -way plug -in frame structure, inlaid white organic glass, and the internal installation of direct tube fluorescent lamps can make the booth -based body transparent. Pay attention.

5. Reduce the number of display props. The exhibition hall is small, the density of the exhibition display must be small and less, and the passage must be wide to ensure the personal safety of the audience and make the exhibition hall wide.

6. No or less decorative patterns. The exhibition hall is small, and it is not advisable to use many large standards and strong color pattern patterns.

Because these pattern settings will make people feel the exhibition hall“Change”It will be smaller and will be noisy. You can use a little separate pattern (such as logo, title flower, tail flower, etc.).

If you use a large -scale pattern, you must choose a small floral pattern, and the color should be shallow. 7. Adopt small and fine and highlights.

The display in the small space must be selected for exhibits, and the most typical and representative cosmetics display cabinet must be selected; and these exhibits should also be treated differently, and the main and secondary and secondary and secondary. There should be differences, not the same form of the same.


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