The effect of color on jewelry showcase design

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

For the quality of a jewelry showcase, the decisive factor is the color of the showcase. Just as the cosmetics showcases are generally pure white, red and white, etc., which gives people a bright and clean feeling, while the jewelry showcases are golden yellow.

, Rose color, brown, etc. are more expensive, with a generous, noble feeling, and the clothing has different seasons, different styles, creating different quality clothing showcases. From the three points below, we can deeply realize the impact of color on the design of the showcase and jewelry display cabinet.

1. Determine the color tone of the exhibition field according to the theme of the jewelry display cabinet and the time of the showcase. For a high -end display cabinet with a historical subject, it should be mainly based on heavy, stable and low -key in color to reflect a vicissitudes of historical changes and the dignity of traditional culture.

For some exhibition cabinets with the nature of the exhibition, it is always designed as an active high -colored tone close to life, stimulating the desire to consumption of visitors, warm trading atmosphere, and promoting the occurrence of transactions in the field. Generally, most commercial jewelry showcases are mostly neutral, soft, and gray tones to highlight exhibits and easy to obtain color harmony. In terms of the time of the showcase, it is necessary to fully consider the cold and heat in the season, the temperature difference, and the color design is biased.

For example, in the winter showcase, the outdoor is cold, the color design in the entire exhibition field should be mainly warm colors, giving people a psychological "warmth, enthusiasm", and consistent with human psychological needs. Similarly, in the summer showcase, the outdoor temperature is very high. The design should be mainly cold -colored.

It gives people a sense of quietness and coolness. Visitors will naturally favor the showcase. 2.

Determine the special color of the showcase according to the nature of the showcase and the display cabinet logo. Generally speaking, the standard color of the jewelry showcase logo is a special color for showcases. A jewelry cabinet has its own standard standard color.

The color design of the showcase should be used in the exhibition field, including wall posters, hanging flags, POP advertisements, indicator signs, etc. Let the visitors enter the exhibition hall with sufficient visual contact with the color of the showcase, so as. At the same time, it is conducive to the harmony and unity of the color in the field.

3. Determine the color relationship between the exhibition areas according to the location of the exhibition site. There are both uniform and personality changes between the exhibition areas, making it a rhythmic rhythmic color relationship.

From the large -scale perspective of the entire exhibition field, the hue should be harmonious and unified. The color tone of each exhibition area is a smooth and gradient relationship between each other. At the same time, each separate exhibition area has formed a color tone that is more in line with the nature of the exhibits in this exhibition area, which is different from the color tone of other exhibition areas.

Do not cause the interest of being tedious and lost, nor is it dazzling and dazzling. I do n’t know what to do.


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