The difference between the jewelry showcase factory and the on -site decoration production showcase

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

At the current decoration store, most merchants like to make the showcase to the decoration team to complete. I think the exhibition cabinet production is simple, the production effect of the showcase company and the decoration team is similar, the price will be cheaper, and it will save time and avoid trouble. Generally, it will be handed over to the decoration team to do it.

In fact, in terms of production effects, there are still great differences between the two. Below I compare the two: Tiancheng Jewelry Show Cabinet 1. Open the material.

The current showcase company generally has a push saw, so that when the material is opened, it can ensure the accuracy of the size of the board and the square of the plate. The error is relatively low. Fully guarantee the large -size error of the showcase and the small size error inside the cabinet.

Due to the restrictions of funds and venues, the decoration team can only use the Turadimores. Because the material is operated by the platform, it is difficult to ensure the size and square of the board. Jewelry display cabinet 2.

Due to large equipment in the showcase factory, our company specializes in the production of commercial showcases such as jewelry showcases, stainless steel showcases, Cartier showcases, gold showcases, and various production equipment. Push the platform saw, border sealing machine, gong machine and other equipment. When making a showcase, you can build it according to the drawings to reflect the style of the designer of the showcase as much as possible, and make the showcase that perfectly reflects the product display effect.

Due to the restrictions on the venue and funds, the decoration team cannot purchase large equipment. Making a showcase can only produce a simple and similar exhibition cabinet in the case of existing tools. The actual effect is lower than that.

Cartier jewelry showcases 3. Paint. Now most of the display cabinet companies use paint rooms.

During the painting process, the dust is less and the paint effect is good. The dust -free constant temperature paint room is used. The air inside the room is uniform, and the central air conditioner is the first to maintain the constant temperature.

The exhibition cabinet is dry and the environment is excellent, so as to achieve dust -free, gloss and paint. Due to the limitation of space, the decoration team can only make paint on the spot. The dust on the spot, the paint effect is poor, and the expected effect is basically not achieved.

Cartier display cabinet 4. Installation. The showcase produced by the showcase company is generally disassembled.

The disassembly display cabinet is easy to install and the transportation is simple. If the merchant is withdrawn or replaced the image in the future, the cabinet is convenient. The showcase produced by the decoration team, especially the high cabinet.

Generally, it is nail, and the installation time is long. And it is troublesome to remove the cabinet, the removal cabinet can only be discarded. .


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