The design of the tobacco and alcohol showcase is done well, and the business is booming

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Sichuan Xuantong is good, knowing each other. Continue to urge the candle, keep the long -term feast. Old Qu Meihua Sing, New Zhengbai Wine Biography.

Kexing everywhere, do not see the year. When this poem was written in ancient times, when people stayed in the New Year, they would be listed in the second year. The song girl would sing the old song of "Plum Blossom".

Everyone gathered together to drink together. Everyone ate a reunion dinner together in the New Year. Until now, this custom has spread very well, so every New Year's Eve, everyone will bring gifts to gather together when everyone is reunited.

So the sales of tobacco and alcohol during the Chinese New Year will be very good. It's nearly two months since the New Year, and all tobacco and alcohol merchants have been struggling to welcome this feast during the Chinese New Year. But do you know that the decoration of the tobacco hotel can often affect the sales of a tobacco and alcohol shop, so how should we decorate and design the display cabinet of the tobacco and alcohol shop? Ligu design believes that there are 2 showcases of the decoration and design tobacco and alcohol shops.

Pay special attention to. First, the door design Ligu design believes that the door design of the smoke hotel is very important. The door of the door and the store is a focus of the store decoration, and it is a great trick to attract customers! In addition, it is the first understanding of the store's first understanding of the store.

The consumer's concept is: the store is well -decorated, and the goods are good. There are no fakes, and vice versa! The design principles of the door decoration of the cigarette hotel believe that the principles of the door decoration of the smoke hotel are: novel, concise, beautiful and generous, which can attract customers' attention. The color of the signboard should be eye -catching, and it is easy to see customers or past pedestrians.

The form of signboards and installation methods should be different. It must be not only attractive, but also integrated with the design of the storefront to establish a perfect appearance image. Second, light design.

Ligu design feels that lighting design is especially important in store decoration. Studies have found that light helps stimulate customers' desire to buy, and can also create a good shopping atmosphere. The lighting light is for the interior lighting of the store.

In order to use long enough, energy -saving lamps are as long as possible. There are rack shooting lights and door shooting lights on the spotlight. It is to render the atmosphere and display the product with good results.

The design of the design of the smoke and alcohol show that the successful design of the smoke hotel decoration must be arranged through a combination. Or a bright atmosphere, eliminate the psychological distance between customers and goods, so that customers will feel a sense of pro -and close to the product students to stimulate the customer’s desire to buy. Ligu Design focuses on the design, research and development and production of display props in the retail industry, and provides one -stop services for landing installations to create a delicate and high -end display props for the store, showing the charm of the storefront, showing the charm of the storefront.



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