The design of the showcase must be true and keep pace with the times!

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The design of the showcase requires the following three characteristics. The following analysis of Suzhou display cabinet manufacturers. 1.

If the real business display design, if you want to attract and attract customers greaterly, you must give full play to the creation talents and rich imagination of the designer, and create a new and innovative aesthetic image. At the same time, the commercial display design must pay attention to the authenticity of the aesthetic creation, that is, the information conveyed must be accurate, and it cannot exaggerate its words and virtual momentum. This is also a key issue for modern business display design.

Otherwise, it will not only lose credibility and violate professional ethics, but also cause consumers to psychologically unscrupulous and disgust. There are five in the eight advertising credits of the United States in the United States, that is, to tell the facts, do not seduce, the price is indeed, no exaggeration, honesty recommendation, etc. At the same time, emphasizing the authenticity of commercial display design does not mean that the richness of the expression technique.

On the contrary, in order to stimulate people's emotions and mobilize the desire of buying, we must pay attention to the uniqueness, richness and novelty of the expression methods. Second, the sense of times and the national style commodity is the product of the development of a certain social productivity and science and technology level. In essence, it reflects the evolution of history and the progress of human society.

Therefore, the display design of the information medium between goods and consumers must also have distinctive characteristics of the times. Specifically, the design of modern business display is the use of advanced science and technology and modern business management methods of human society, and use the material convenience conditions brought by the major production of industrialized society. Through the display of various communication media to create a variable visual vision Communication effects to complete the media planning belonging to the business category, and then change the customer's shopping psychology with a new concept of product, so that consumers will organize organic selection of the product under the influence of the display form.

Practice has proved that a more successful design often has a high -intensity stimulus or a new sense of form, which is compatible with the high emotional and high -tech and modern human lifestyle. Designs that lack the sense of the times lack visual impact, so it is not easy to attract people. 3.

Environmental concept business display is mainly to resort to human vision and hearing feelings. At the same time, it also constitutes an important aspect of the cultural landscape of the city, so it is necessary to fully emphasize its environmental concept. Business display design exists in people -the environment of the environment, so in the specific design, comprehensive design must be carried out from the overall space.

Based on the colors, architecture, width of the road, and the seasons of the climate of the environment, it is particularly important in store display, neon lights, positive advertising, electronic display advertising design. Starting from the overall planning of the entire city and the requirements of environmental beauty, we should put forward unified requirements and planning in response to their design. Only after systematically planning and design can it form a variety of prosperous street views.

Conversely, there will be a feeling of messy. .


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