The design of the museum showcase design needs to be considered

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The museum is a place where the collection, collection, display and research represents the natural and human cultural heritage. With the development of social culture, science and technology, the number and types of museums are increasing, and the following museum showcases will explain the five points that need to be considered during the design of the museum showcase: 1. The temperature and humidity showcases have a certain temperature and humidity.

It is a must -have, basic protection measures for cultural relics. Calligraphy and painting, textiles, bambooware, wood, lacquerware, bone, oil painting, murals, natural leather and other cultural relics that are sensitive to temperature. If the temperature and humidity appear in the showcase, it will cause severe consequences of wrinkles, deformation, cracking and other serious consequences of these cultural relics.

While displaying cultural relics, the museum must always keep in mind the important responsibilities of protecting the cultural relics. Cultural relics are non -renewable and inherited cultural carriers. 2.

A showcases with good closed -closed performance can effectively control the temperature and humidity, dustproof, anti -harmful substance invasion of harmful substances, and ensuring the purity of the air in the counter. In fact, measure the quality of the showcase, and the closed performance is one of the more important indicators. For cultural relics such as calligraphy and painting, silk fabrics, in order to achieve constant temperature and humidity in the cabinet, the showcase must have good closedability.

3. Fire prevention and fire prevention is a series of basic requirements for exhibition halls such as exhibition halls and exhibition cabinets. Especially the display cabinet, from the materials, light control, fire prevention conditions, etc.

, all need special considerations. While prevention, the fire extinguishing system and equipment must be set up. Different cultural relics and fire extinguishing equipment are different.

For example, paper cultural relics are suitable for gas extinguishing fire, and it must not use water. With the advancement of technology, modern museums will become more and more advanced in the use of fire -resistant supporting facilities, which will be more conducive to the protection of cultural relics. 4.

Lighting from the effect of the cultural relic display effect, to a large extent depends on the lighting of the showcase. From creating a display exhibition environment and atmosphere, highlighting the display of cultural relics, artificial light sources can maximize the light source and light degree; those cultural relics that require high temperature and humidity, the light source of the showcase must be used. Use natural light.

The lighting of the showcase should be regulatable. According to the requirements of the light, angle, and scope of the cultural relics or exhibits, the appropriate lighting effect can be adjusted. Secondly, in terms of light brightness, the lights on the lights or exhibits should show a uniform effect.

In addition, avoiding glare problems should be avoided. 5. The door to open the showcase is to consider safety, and on the other hand, it is convenient to work.

In the design, the height, width and location of the showcase door should be used as the key point to ensure the safety, convenience, and fastness of the operation of exhibition exhibitions, withdrawals, replacement of cultural relics or exhibits, and display cabinets.


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