The design of the display cabinet should pay attention to some security prevention measures

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The design of the display cabinet should pay attention to some security prevention measures. The display cabinet trend is the media that is called the spokesperson, the exhibition, the design of the staff industry association, etc. First of all, compared with alcohol, cigarettes are small, lightweight, and easy to get, so they should be placed in the counter display cabinet.

The open display cabinet should be equipped with a glass door, and it should be equipped with locks if necessary. Third, the installation of the store door should meet the requirements of anti -theft. For example, try to avoid the lane behind the display cabinet.

Putting the line at the top of the display cabinet is a good choice. In the decoration store, in addition to ensuring the use of qualified decoration materials, the lines of the lines are also required to inspect. When designing the display cabinet, you not only need to master the existing characteristics of the trend, but also need to be familiar with its development trend.

Tobacco and alcohol display cabinets must pay attention to the following aspects. Do not cause unnecessary trouble. These institutions and people need to master themselves, but also affect the formation and development of trends.

Anti -theft, tobacco and alcohol stores should pay attention to the topic of three aspects. The results of the common effect of free designer and professional display cabinet company. Stores with an area of ​​less than 20 square meters.

In order to make full use of the space, the length and number of sections of the display cabinet need to be carefully calculated to enable the display cabinet and the store to achieve the best match; the area of ​​the area; the area; In stores above 30 square meters, you can consider setting up the main sales product display area. The scale of the price positioning of display cabinet supplies. Since the store is in future operations, it may focus on a brand of cigarettes or alcohol.

; Stores with an area of ​​more than 40 square meters can be designed to pile up positions, which is also due to the consideration of key sales brands. There is a way to think that the display cabinet thinks. If the method is proper, not only can the relatively complete and effective results, but also the effect of less effort, otherwise it will be more chaotic, disorderly and unnecessary circle circles.

In addition, operators with a certain economic strength can consider using fire prevention materials during decoration. Fire prevention, famous cigarette hotel display cabinets are relatively high -grade, more lighting lights are installed, and the lines are laying more hidden. If you are a little careless, you will easily leave hidden safety hazards.



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