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When you go out and buy clothes, you usually look at the store's clothing display and display cabinet display. You can judge the trend of clothing in the store through these two points. If you want consumers to be attracted to the store at first glance, you need to design exquisite display cabinets.

So what elements should be paid to the process of designing the showcase? Today, Chengming showcase will take you to understand what points should be paid attention to when designing modern clothing showcases! 1 Getting rid of simple display functions and complex design architecture Garment products have always been used as the main point of display. Consumers hope to see more clothing products. At the same time, clothing products have various forms in style and seasonality.

How to stand out from the store is not to diversify the framework of the product, but to get rid of the simple display function and eliminate the complex design architecture. Getting rid of the simple display function, because the development of the display props can not only be used as a display props but a "display" item; eliminating complex design solutions, the diversification of the product can be more organized, and the various products can be classified at the same time. Focusing products are displayed by customized boutique showcases.

Secondly, minimalism often makes the store more layered and overall, making consumers feel comfortable. At the same time, minimalism's modernization is not lacking. Janeism is widely respected in modern design.

2 Do not compete with merchants to display the aesthetics of the display props. In the past, the design of clothing showcases often pays attention to the color, form, and configuration of a single cabinet, so that each cabinet can be better than other merchants in appearance, so as to attract customers. However, it turns out that the more powerful the display props, the more orders brought, because the display props are only the "green leaves" of clothing products, which plays a role in setting.

Consumers' perspectives to consider product display, so that the products can be brought into the consumer's vision more easily, and will not be loud and loud because of design and production of beautiful display props. The product is ignored. 3 The use of special materials often can open the characteristics of the production and design of clothing showcases.

The predecessor was the exhibition cabinet factory established in January 2008. After more than six years of development and improvement, it was officially renamed in July 2014. So far, it has developed into a focus on the design and processing of high -end exhibition cabinets, professional exhibition designs, booth cabinets, specialty store shopping malls Production, display props design, installation and decoration, indoor and outdoor advertising decoration and other exhibitors products.



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