The characteristics of the design of the museum showcase

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

There are many things for the design of the museum showcase that need to be noticed, so let the editor introduce the characteristics of the museum showcase design today! First, the real museum display design must be attracted to the greatest extent, attract customers to customers , It is necessary to give full play to the creation of the designer and the rich imagination, create a aesthetic image of the new innovation. At the same time, the information of the museum's display must pay attention to the information expressed in the authenticity of the aesthetic creation. This will not only lose credibility, reduce merchant credit,.

Second, the sense of times and national style products are the products of a certain level of social productivity and science and technology. Modern museum display design is the combination of advanced science and technology with human society and modern museum management methods. When designing and designing, you cannot blindly pursue popularity and fashion, but also inherit the design of national characteristics.

When designing, the designer cannot just pursue the new sense of the design of the design. The design that lacks the sense of the times and the lack of connotation does not achieve a good visual impact effect. Third, intuitive aesthetic effects, people's viewing of a product was completed in a very short period of time.

So how to get the attention of consumers in the shortest time has become an important issue in the museum display design. How can we attract consumers 'attention in the first time and cause consumers' desire to buy. Most consumers have the first feeling for a certain item.

Each shop has a product that can attract consumers as soon as possible. Psychological studies have shown that the "intuition" aesthetic effect emphasizes instant views. It is an intuitive grasp of the essence of things under the prerequisite of previous experience and rationality.

Instant observation is the emotional reflection caused by the aesthetic object to the subject stimulus, so that the subject enriches the object image in the process of imagination, and leaves a clear feeling and strong impression of the object in its minds. Fourth, the Museum of the Environmental Concept Museum is mainly to resort to human vision and hearing feelings. The museum display design exists in people -the environment of the environment, so in the specific design, comprehensive design must be carried out from the overall space.

Based on the colors, architecture, and crowd flow of the environment, comprehensive considerations. Fifth, the artifacts used in the display of the auxiliary facility display activities refer to the instruments that are used to place, feed, support, hang, and post exhibition products, such as exhibition racks, booths, exhibition boards, display cabinets, etc. The principles of design and selection of modern display props are: 1, mainly based on standardization and series.

Supplemented by special design; 2, mainly combined and disassembled, so that it is easy to arbitrarily combine, change, and convenient packaging, transportation and storage; 3, the structure should be strong and durable, easy to process, safe and reliable; , Color should be simple. .


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