The art of commercial showcases

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The authenticity, popularity, artistic and national style of the showcase is highly combined and national style. Through these examples, you can understand the precision and extensive significance of a showcase design and creation concept. And is conceived on the basis of clarifying theme ideas.

The so -called extensive, not borderless. To say that clever ideas are the result of extensive conception, it is not possible to. But this is not equivalent to the idea of ​​accidentally touching, and you can’t create better works.

In short, the process of conceived is the time when brain labor is complicated and heavy. The specific situation is different. Under normal circumstances, it is often extensively conceived, analyzed and compared, and gradually concentrated.

After the water comes, it is necessary to consider, repair, and even repeatedly repeatedly. This is also the law of understanding practice, and then practicing. Artistic creation and display cabinet design work must go deep into life and experience life.

From the actual life, we can break us to break the frame, so as to achieve the goal of understanding the world and transforming the world. Combining theory and reality, gradually enrich and gradually improve. The issue of artistic cultivation is not a matter of overnight, but a multi -faceted, long -term accumulation of accumulation.

There is also a problem of maintaining the national style, which is also not ignored in the design of the showcase. Inheritance of national art traditions, analyzing, critical inheritance, taking the essence, and going to its dross. Only in this way can we better inherit to carrying out, so as to achieve innovation.

In addition, watching advanced excellent display cabinets at any time has more realistic guiding significance. When we are not artistic enough, can we directly design the showcase design? Our answer is: as long as you go deep into reality, open our minds, learn with an open mind, and create boldly, you can also do it. The practice process of work is the process of gradual learning and improvement.

Therefore, we believe that no matter what you are, as long as you continue to learn and practice continuously, you will gradually be exercised and improve. At the same time, naturally enhance the analysis ability and appreciation level. The best way is to analyze the display cabinet that has been arranged.

Which part is good, which part is not good? Why is it good? why not? What is the overall? What is the part? Is the theme thinking prominent? Is the composition color appropriate? All of this should be compared repeatedly, repeatedly study and analyze, and also actively ask others to confirm whether your views are correct. Practice is the standard for testing truth. Opinions from all aspects are very valuable for us.

Opinions will not be consistent, but the more inconsistency, the more we will listen to improve our ability to identify and improve our work. Therefore, you can not easily deny the opinions of others, and do not accept all opinions. Learn to analyze, "Choose the good on the good, and change it, and change it.

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