The application range of jewelry showcases on stainless steel edges

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

At present, no one is not applied to stainless steel in the exhibition cabinet industry. Unless it is a pure wood counter, especially the jewelry display cabinet is particularly used in stainless steel. The level of jewelry showcases is basically determined by the details of the stainless steel edging process.

The showcase factories can use stainless steel to collect the mouth, but how the effect is not easy to say. How powerful the craftsmanship of a showcase factory can be reflected in the production level of stainless steel. The stainless steel edge of the jewelry showcase jewelry showcases include skirting stainless steel, glass cover stainless steel, and stainless steel at the cabinet border.

The seemingly easy structure is actually craftsmanship and meticulous and superb. Because we can often judge the quality of a display cabinet factory according to the details of the stainless steel edge edge. If the edging details are treated with rough and chaotic creation, it will not only affect the visual appearance of the showcase, but also the maintenance of the showcase.

At present, the edge of the showcase on the market can basically not affect the overall aesthetics and structural security, but it is not considered much for some details that involve local aesthetics. Like saying in the saying goes,“People rely on a face, and the tree leans on a skin”In the same way, striving for excellence in the processing of details can occupy a place in the fierce competition market. Generally speaking, the materials selected by stainless steel are two types of materials.

One is finished profiles. The materials of large display cabinets are complete and there are many types of finished products. Fast.

The other is homemade profiles. The display cabinet manufacturers with complete equipment and strict processes can often be produced according to the production cycle. Design and manufacturing.

In addition, the edge of the edge is also a problem that cannot be ignored. It often reflects the level of the process of a factory, because the details of the edge of the edge are equivalent to doing the overall showcase project. If you want to make a perfect and high -end stainless steel jewelry showcase, the details of the edges must not be ignored.

Stainless steel jewelry showcases so stainless steel bags occupy a very important position in the production of jewelry display cabinets. The technical details of pure stainless steel jewelry showcases can also reflect whether to make high -end luxury Cartier jewelry showcases. At present, manufacturers who can be a high -end luxury Cartier Jewelry showcase will have a strong hardware department and supporting exhibition halls to allow customers to understand different models of structure and workmanship details.

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